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To say that the KC Star has a lot of DT articles today would be an understatement. As would that statement that the #3 draft pick's huge contract generated some media interest (though almost all of them are the same 3 or 4 sentences).

There will be a ton of posts today between the HoF and the intra-squad scrimmage today. Posts will be burried soon. Remember to rec posts you think should be around later in the day. You can also expand the number of posts that appear on your screen.

Let's get started.

Jackson, a defensive end who was Kansas City’s top draft pick, agreed to contract terms late Thursday night, hopped a plane to Minneapolis on Friday morning and joined his teammates for the Chiefs’ afternoon practice session. It was a long 24 hours.

Chiefs Agree to Contract with Top Draft Pick Jackson from the KC Star

Running back Larry Johnson punched it in from the 1 on fourth down with the starting offense and defense on the field. The second-team defense prevented a touchdown when quarterback Tyler Thigpen’s scramble on fourth down was stopped short of the goal line.

Chiefs Camp Buzz: Team Practices in the Morning Rain from the KC Star

The Denver Broncos' top draft pick, running back Knowshon Moreno, agreed to a five-year, $23 million contract Friday that includes $13 million in guarantees, ending an eight-day holdout.

Moreno, who rushed for 2,734 yards and 30 touchdowns in his two seasons at Georgia, was the 12th overall pick and the first running back selected in the NFL draft in April. He'll join the Broncos for his first practice on Sunday.

NFL: Broncos Reach a Deal with Top Pick Moreno from Mercury News

"We talked about everything but football," Adams said. "I took him back to Hobby, and just before he got out of the car, Lamar said, ‘You tried to buy the (Chicago) Cardinals, right? So did I. I didn't have much luck. You didn't either, from what I understand. Before I go, let me ask you something: Would you be interested in starting a new league with me?'

"I said, ‘Hell, yeah,' and I didn't flinch. Lamar said he'd get back in touch with me."

Fifty Years: The Birth of the AFL from

Bob Gretz gets to lead off the DT stories. He's worked very hard for years to help make this enshrinement happen. Be sure to head over to his site and say "Thanks."

The crowning moment comes at the end of the evening, when the incoming Hall of Famers are presented with their gold jackets. You’ve seen them over the years at Hall of Fame induction ceremonies wearing these bright jackets. Some people don’t like the mustard color and others think the whole premise is outdated...

Derrick should have been there. Over the years he wore many different colored suits, all tailored specifically for him and his frame. Most of those suits were expensive.

But none would have fit him better than the gold jacket that says "I’m a Hall of Famer."

Saturday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

When Thomas’ bust is unveiled on Saturday, I’m going to shed some tears, for there have been few athletes with whom I’ve connected so organically and whose company was so enjoyable to keep. It wasn’t just a joyride, either: The first time we had a meal together, we discussed Thomas’ trouble-prone childhood in Miami that included a month-long stint in juvenile hall for burglary and the way he transformed himself into a self-made football prospect and college-graduate-to-be.

Thomas Was More than JustLiife of Party from Yahoo Sports

"You hear people say, ‘He was just a sacker,’ " said former Chiefs defensive tackle Dan Saleaumua, a frequent recipient of the fumbles Thomas created. "But when you cause a turnover, you literally change the momentum of a game. That’s what I call a Hall of Famer.

Thomas Was a Difference-Maker on the Field from the KC Star

This is the sadness of an athlete dying young. I don’t ever need to look up how old Derrick Thomas would have been … he was born exactly one week before I was. That means he would have been 42 years old. Still young (I hope). Still with a lot left to achieve (I doubly hope). We can spend a lot of time guessing what sort of life Derrick Thomas would have lived when his playing days were over. We can have our own opinions about how he would have dealt with the mistakes he made and how he would have used his celebrity and how he would have handled all those quiet days after the cheering ended.

The Saddest Chapters of Derrick Thomas’ Life are the Ones He Didn’t Write from the KC Star

The Thomas family recently found out that Derrion will not give the speech live. Former Chiefs president and general manager Carl Peterson, who made Derrick Thomas his first-ever draft pick for the Chiefs, will introduce Derrick.

Derrion and his grandmother, Edith Morgan, will prerecord narration that will run during Thomas’ highlight reel. Much of the speech that Derrion wrote about his father will be used in the narration.

"My mom did all the talking with the Hall of Fame," Derrion said. "I’m just so proud of my dad and so honored to be a part of something like this. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait to get to Canton."

Derrion Thomas Ready for Father's Hall of Fame Induction from The Examiner

"Derrick was probably the most committed person I’ve known," said former UA teammate Kermit Kendrick, an All-America safety. "His vision at an early age was far beyond Tuscaloosa. He was committed to being in the NFL Hall of Fame."

"He knew the numbers he had to get to get to the Hall of Fame before he even got to Alabama. This honor is a testament to what a commitment in life can be. Derrick Thomas is a life-long lesson I tell my kids about."

Former Tide Great Derrick Thomas was ‘Something Special’ from

His toughest five
Here’s how Derrick Thomas, in a 1998 interview, ranked the five quarterbacks that were most difficult for him to sack and the number of times he sacked them.

Derrick Thomas’ Toughest QBs to Sack from the KC Star

Sept. 6, 1998, vs. Oakland

Thomas turned in a six-sack performance in a 28-8 win over Oakland. He caused a fumble and recorded his club-record third safety of his career. That safety came after a "called shot," when Thomas signaled a sack and then got it on the next play against the Raiders’ Jeff George.

Derrick Thomas' Top 10 Games from the KC Star

His 116½ sacks from 1990-99 led the NFL. His 126½ career sacks are a Chiefs record. One day in 1990 in a loss to Seattle, he sacked Dave Krieg seven times. Nineteen years later, it still stands as a one-game record.

Anchored by a tremendous defense, the Chiefs became the dominant team of the AFC West and trailed only the Bills and 49ers in total wins for the decade.

Derrick Thomas Joins Pro Football Hall of Fame from WDAF (includes video)

•"Come game time, there was like a switch that came on. He went from being this happy, jovial guy to a guy who was very serious about his craft and was able to play at the highest level every game. He had that never-say-die attitude about getting to the quarterback and making big plays throughout his career."

| Deron Cherry, safety

How Thomas' Former Teammates Remember Him from the KC Star

Jim Kelly 6
"Everybody always asks me the worst hit I took, the toughest guy to play against, and I always bring up Derrick Thomas."

Derrick Thomas' Hall of Fame QB Sack Victims from the KC Star

Thomas made it look that easy. Seemingly without effort, he could glide past an opposing tackle and quickly make his way to the quarterback, who often had little chance to react.

That the Chiefs set an NFL record last year for pass-rush futility — 10 sacks — speaks loudly to one of the franchise’s single biggest failures since his death: the inability to adequately replace him.

Thomas’ Death Left a Void on the Field that Still Hasn’t Been Filled from the KC Star

As a rookie, Derrick Thomas led all NFL rookies with 10 sacks and helped the Chiefs to an 8-7-1 record, matching the club’s win total of the two previous seasons combined. The team missed the playoffs by a half-game as a result of a tie game at Cleveland but would play in the postseason in seven of the next eight years.

"He was the guy we had hoped for that could make a difference for a franchise that had been in dire straits," Peterson said. "He did not do it alone, but he was a phenomenal football player and did it consistently for 11 years."

Chiefs Knew Thomas Was Their Guy in the 1989 Draft from the KC Star

And then, there was a last meeting. Thomas wanted to visit Lone Wolf. He didn’t know Philip was very near death or that he’d made a dying wish to see Thomas one last time.

He and Regan flew down. Thomas went into the Tepe home, nervous at first. Soon, he vanished with Philip into the boy’s room. They laughed and talked, and played video games. They simply enjoyed each other’s company.

These two — the professional superstar and the dying kid — hit it off. Philip wasn’t a charity case; He was a friend.

Derrick Thomas Was Touched by Plight of a Special Boy from Midwest Voices

"He was the best football player I ever coached," Bill Curry, who coached Thomas in his final two seasons at Alabama, said in a statement released by Georgia State, where Curry now coaches. "He could just dominate a game."

Twenty-one years since his college career ended, Thomas still holds 12 Alabama records. Some of the numbers remain staggering and could have been NCAA records had NCAA stat keepers paid attention to defense then.

Derrick Thomas' Coaches at Alabama Recall a Great Career from Solomon's Wisdon

Here's what the players are tweeting about...

for non-tweeters RT means "re-tweet." Basically a quote.

dbowe82 RT @cassazz: Talked to susie, hope u enjoyed the caramel apple pie = ) @dbowe82 I did. Tell her thanks again

almighty31 restin for our show tomorrow. the scrimmage for family and friend day should b a great turnout.

superdj56 things are really starting to gel together for us, and we will keep grinding day in and day out until we get were we need to be. real talk

almighty31off to work. lets play some football.

From fans and the media

kb_kcstar I met some awesome people last month while getting to know DT. Here's hoping their day is more sweet than bittersweet.

kb_kcstar So somebody fill me in: Why the sudden fascination with Tank Tyler? I like the guy and all, and he's good, but is he this year's Sippio?

kb_kcstar And while we're on the subject, Tyler looks strong at the NT position. It's still unclear whether he'll beat out Ron Edwards, though.

markesejones05: shawne yo mohawk was tight on nfl live u better be ready for lj and da chiefs

MarlaRache: Happy Derrick Thomas HOF Induction Day!!! I've been waiting for this for years! #chiefs #nfl

slarrison: I'll cry like a girl when #58 is enshrined. Never met him, but countless people are better because he lived. No greater praise than that.

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