Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/7



Editing this as I go. This is try number 4 and I keep screwing up (stupid hangover and computer). I'll take down the 'work in progress' when it's done.

Lots of DT stuff today, but first some camp updates.

Coach Todd Haley has shown no patience for any type of mistakes on the practice field and when wide receiver Devard Darling made one at a critical time, Haley exploded. Darling’s crime was to line up in the wrong place when the Chiefs were working on the victory formation, the one used when a team is trying to run out the clock to secure a late lead.

Normally, players are sent running for such errors. Haley threw Darling off the practice field.

"Run to the building for all I care — and stay there," Haley yelled at Darling, who complied.

Chiefs Camp Buzz: Darling Gets Tossed From Practice from the KC Star

Jackson might get that chance soon. A week after the Chiefs started training camp, a source indicated Thursday night that the sides were talking and making progress toward an agreement on a long-term contract.

The source denied reports a deal had been reached.

Chiefs Reportedly Close to Signing Top Draft Pick Jackson from KC Star

KC Star Photo Gallery: Thursday's Chiefs practice in River Falls, WI

There was expected jubilation when team chairman Clark Hunt finally sided with the fans and relieved Peterson––who served this franchise admirably for 20 years––of his duties. Longtime Patriots front office bulldog Scott Pioli was given Peterson’s shotgun seat. Pioli immediately changed drivers, dropping Edwards off at a truck stop and tapping Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Using a familiar New England map that showed myriad routes to prosperity, Pioli instructed Haley to pull a U-turn and make a sharp left.

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Preview: Kansas City Chiefs from NFL Gridiron Gab

When the Chiefs were looking to find a guy to help replace Tony Gonzalez at the tight end position they certainly didn’t specifically go looking for an Irish guy. But they got one in Sean Ryan.

Tight End Battle... Friday Cup O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Q: How is the center competition between Rudy Niswanger and Eric Ghiaciuc?

HALEY: "I think Brian De La Puente is another guy you have to talk about. We’ve got some other guards that are potential centers. I think Rudy has done a good job to this point and Eric’s doing a good job of getting integrated into a new team. So, I would say that’s another good competition. Like I said, there could be a guy from another position pushing. We’re going to create competition any way we can."

Q&A with TODD HALEY - 8/6 from the Mothership

"Derrick Thomas and the tragedy that happened to him," said Woodson, referring to the former Kansas City Chiefs' pass-rushing linebacker whose career was cut short in February 2000, when he died following a car accident. "I wish he was still here to go in with."

Woodson's message to late inductee Thomas: 'Wish you were here' from The Canadian Press

There will be much talk Saturday about how special Thomas was, and most will focus on the nine Pro Bowls, the 126 ½ sacks, the league-record 45 forced fumbles -- the stuff that made him beloved to Chiefs fans and gives South Florida only our second native son in Canton, after Fort Lauderdale-born Michael Irvin.

What is truly special, though, is that Thomas overcame his own hardships, thanks to helping hands reaching out to him, and that he said thanks back so profoundly that he is still giving troubled kids a reason to believe and hope nearly a decade after succumbing to injuries sustained in an auto accident.

Derrick Thomas set to join Hall, but his legacy is already secure from The Miami Herald

Once, Derrick Thomas joined former President Bill Clinton as the keynote speakers in front of a sea of Vietnam veterans and their families. Clinton was booed, and Thomas, who did not even read from his notes, got a standing ovation.

"Oh man, he could bring it!" recalled family friend Kevin Regan. "He was incredible."

And Derrion? Well, his experience is limited to Communication I and Speech and Debate classes at Blue Springs South. He has a way to go before bringing people to their feet. But if Smith has anything to do with it, one day Derrion will.

Derrion Thomas will share the spotlight at his father’s Hall of Fame ceremony from the KC Star

No one who cares about me wants me to write another Jeff George column.

My mother tells me to give up and move on. My friends and colleagues think I've thrown away enough credibility leading the Jeff George bandwagon. Bloggers suspect I'm on Jeff's payroll.

George deserves a shot, but does he want it? from Fox Sports (Can you guess who wrote it?)

LONDON — West Ham's owners have received no satisfactory offer for the Premier League club and dismissed a report Thursday that it is negotiating a sale to American sports tycoon Clark Hunt.

No Serious Offers Yet for West Ham, Say Owners from USA Today

The Brtis didn't show last night, so I was unable to get their take on this. Likely to see them over the weekend.


And now for some player Tweets...

almighty31 meetings went well. been getin it in. wonderin wats next on my list. wat should i do?

ToonIcon Anutha Day..wish i could say anutha dolla but we dont get paid till the season starts.boooooooooooooooooooooo

almighty31 thanking all chiefs fan for your support this training camp

almighty31 is in that playbook. multi-taskin. lol

almighty31 time for bed and wake up with a great opportunity to get better

almighty31 gotta love someone wakin u up sayin its time to get drug tested

Now from the media and fans...

JoshLooney rain, rain go away...we want to watch practice today

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