Chiefs Training Camp Update 8/6 PM


Updated: 6:27 PM

The Chiefs have concluded the first week of training camp.  Successful so far, no?  Todd Haley hasn't really had anything negative to say.  The defense, particularly Bernard Pollard, is getting chatty on the field.  The offense is hopefully getting some rhythm.

Check out Josh Looney's work at the Mothership.  He's got a nice rundown on the language used when talking about the defensive line.  If it's been a few years since you've played football, or just a casual fan, then it's a must read since words like "zero technique" and "A gap" are thrown around here.

Interesting note: Al Davis was at Chiefs camp yesterday according to Mr. Gretz at CBS.  Interesting, isn't it?

Updates from Mr. Gretz at CBS and Mr. Looney are after the jump.  We'll update this as the UW-RF reports come in.


General stuff

  • Al Davis was in the house yesterday (Gretz at CBS)
  • New nickname for Andy Studebaker: The Sterminator (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • During tight end Brad Cottam’s post-practice interview with reporters, full back Mike Cox was trying to distract his teammate. Cox was standing behind the reporters, making faces and ducking in and out of the interview. Cottam did a good job keeping his composure. (UW-RF)
  • Brandon Flowers on Twitter: “It’s good for interacting with fans,” he said. When asked if he thought he’d get in trouble for what he puts on the site, like several other athletes have in the past, Flowers said, “I wouldn’t put anything on there that would let me get in trouble.” (UW-RF)


  • Todd Haley continues to pay attention to WRs and TEs and is unhappy with the number of drops (Gretz at CBS)
  • Waters has been lining up at center for 7-on-7 drills for practice and/or a breather (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Devard Darling was kicked off the field after some mental mistakes (Gretz at CBS)
  • The reason Darling had to run was because he lined up in the wrong spot during the drill. When Darling tried talking to Haley, the head coach yelled, “Take it in. I want guys who want to be here and aren’t sensitive and emotionally soft. Take it in.” (UW-RF)
  • WR Devard Darling had little to say about his run-in with Chiefs coach Todd Haley. "I know why I was told to run," he said. "I don't know why I was told to leave the field. I don't want to say anything more." (Gretz at CBS)
  • Chiefs coach Todd Haley didn't want to talk about throwing WR Devard Darling off the practice field. "That's between Devard and me," Haley said. (Gretz at CBS)
  • Victory formation was practiced today (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • The players snapping the ball included center Rudy Niswanger, center Eric Ghiaciuc, guard Brian De La Puente and guard Darryl Harris. (UW-RF)
  • During 7-on-7, quarterback Matt Cassel was disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm during the drill and hollered, “The energy level is down, guys. Let’s pick it up.” (UW-RF)


Special teams


  • Zach Thomas left practice early again today.  No word on what's wrong, if anything (Gretz at CBS)
  • Monty Beisel is not participating today.  He was out yesterday as well (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Linebackers Demorrio Williams, Monty Beisel and Weston Dacus and cornerback DaJuan Morgan worked out instead of participating in practice this afternoon. Dacus was seen with a brace on his right ankle. (UW-RF)
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