Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/6



Good Morning AP! I think there are 80-something reports on the QB swap. Almost all of them are the same three or four sentences. I have not linked to all of them. =)

RIVER FALLS, Wis. — Tom Brady cracked up when informed of former New England Patriots backup Matt Cassel's baptism by blog.

The new face of the Kansas City Chiefs was enjoying a relaxing dinner with wife, Lauren, at a Kansas City country club. That is, until the waiter dished about their menu choices and conversation.

Cassel Ready on his Own After Tom Brady's Franchise QB 101 from USA Today

The Chiefs claimed quarterback Matt Gutierrez off waivers from New England. They waived their fourth quarterback, Ingle Martin.

Gutierrez did not arrive in time to practice with the Chiefs on Wednesday but is expected to be on the field today.

Chiefs Camp Buzz: Another Ex=Patriots QB Joins Team from the KC Star

Here is a the KC Star's photo gallery of Wednesday's Chiefs Practice in River Falls

Also from the Star, a video of Rookie Alex Magee Working Hard in Chiefs Camp

The Buffalo Bills already have a strong tie with the Kansas City Chiefs built into their history. Both were original member clubs of the American Football League and owners Ralph Wilson and the late Lamar Hunt were close friends. But on Hall of Fame weekend there will be another personal connection between Kansas City’s late Hall of Fame inductee Derrick Thomas and a member of Buffalo’s front office.

Strong Bills Ties to Derrick Thomas from

"Derrick could get the crowd going," said Bill Cowher, the Chiefs defensive coordinator and linebackers coach during 1989-91 who went on to win the Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers. "For the franchise, he was a marquee player, a player who everyone around the league was talking about. Arrowhead was a tough place to play, and the reason was you couldn’t block Derrick Thomas. The noise got loud … and home stadiums benefit the defense."

Derrick Thomas was a Terror for Offense in the 1990s from the KC Star

"We’re not really concerned with what they’ve done in the past," said Pendergast, who became available to new Chiefs coach Todd Haley after the defensive coordinator was fired by the Cardinals.

"We’ll utilize the players we have and the skills they have. That’s the process of training camp, to learn about those things. So in that sense, we’re still evolving. We’ll do whatever our guys do best."

New Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Pendergast has a Rebuilding Job on his Hands from the KC Star

"He paved the way for so many athletes from Fort Wayne because he went to Snider," said Pollard, who played at South Side and Purdue. "He did what he had to do to get where he wanted to be. He played in the league for so many years, and he’s an NFL (Network) analyst now. That’s a big hype.

City's Pros Follow Woodson's Lead from Ft Wayne's Journal Gazette

Gates to the Kansas City Chiefs’ Family Fun Day open 11 a.m. Saturday (Aug. 8) to begin the annual event at Ramer Field.

Chiefs Host Fans from the River Falls Journal

Continuing the series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the AFL this year, I proudly present the choices for starting linebackers for the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs.

Chiefs All-50 Anniversary Team: The Linebackers from The Examiner

3rd and Long Foundation president Betty Brown, who has been with the charity since the beginning, will be among 50 people representing the organization at this weekend's Hall of Fame induction in Canton, Ohio.

Brown says that she was touched by Thomas's desire to give back to the community, and she is still inspired by the former Chief ten years after his death.

"I think what it means is that we're there," said Brown. "We're going to continue go go on."

Foundation Celebrates Life of Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas from Fox$ (includes video)

NEW YORK -- Former Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback Quinn Gray has signed with the new United Football League

From The Miami Herald

RIVER FALLS, Wis. - If he were to leave the comfy confines of the New England Patriots, Scott Pioli wanted a challenge. Boy, does he have one.

Camp Sights: Pioli Rolls Up Sleeves in Kansas City from Fox Sports (think it was a fanshot earlier)

Haven't seen any reports from King or Glazer yet this morning, and Gretz's Cup O'Chiefs is missing. They must have all gone out and got hammered.

The lone player Tweet is disappointing...

ToonIcon sittn here wishn i was at that damn event!!!!!

Hopefully the media and fans can do better...

kb_kcstar So who's the Chiefs' No. 3 now, Brodie or Thigpen? And who's the odd man out?

mitchholthus Roster moves today....I think that process will continue....all thru camp

Chunt2318: Poor Brodie Croyle two years ago he was suppose to be the Chiefs quarterback of the future. Now, he may be the 3rd string quarterback.

RickMaese: @kb_kcstar chiefs #3 QB??? funk that. Who's gonna be the Star's #1 columnist???

MURDAHBABY: FOLLOW MY BRO Maurice Leggett @almighty31 FROM THE Kansas City Chiefs...LOOK OUT ILL BE @ EVERY GAME!!!!

DocRoze: Maybe it's wishful thinking, but the Chiefs actually look like they're being coached this year. More let's get it right, less just get done.

danejacobi: SportsCenter just made fun of a KC Chiefs fan who spelled "Chiefs" wrong. The fan spelled it "Cheifs". Unforgivable.

JeffCMSB: @SI_PeterKing Jovan Belcher..University of Maine..take a look!!

SI_PeterKing: @JeffCMSB Hey: The Chiefs love Belcher. How did you know?

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