The Pioli Puzzle


R. Price D. Morgan
M. Brown J. McGraw
J. Page B. Pollard
Free Safety Strong Safety
T. McBride C. Smith
P. Walters
A. Studebaker D. Williams J. Belcher V. Redd
T. Hali M. Beisel C. Mays M. Vrabel
OLB D. Johnson Z. Thomas OLB
J. Bates D. Gales L. Fryar
R. Colclough B. Greenwood D. Lokey W. Gilberry D. Washington
T. Daniels G. Dorsey R. Edwards A. Boone M. Leggett
B. Carr A. Magee TANK Tyler T. Jackson B. Flowers
Cornerback Def. End Nose Tackle Def. End Cornerback
Wide Receiver Tackle Guard Center Guard Tackle Tight End Wide Receiver
A. Toomer B. Albert B. Waters R. Niswanger M. Goff H. Taylor S. Ryan D. Bowe
D. Darling B. Richardson W. Smith E. Ghiaciuc B. De La Puente D. McIntosh B. Cottam M. Bradley
T. Johnson C. Goldberg D. Harris
T. Washington C. Brown J. O'Connell T. Copper

T. Crabtree J. Webb
Slot Receiver
B. Engram Quarterback
R. Wright Fullback M. Cassel Tailback
Q. Lawrence M. Cox T. Thigpen L. Johnson
J. Collins B. Croyle J. Charles

M. Gutierrez J. Battle KR/PR Punter
Long Snapper Kicker
J. Williams R. Wright D. Colquitt
T. Purdum R. Succop
K. Smith Q. Lawrence

D. Savage D. Savage

You can see Pioli's guys all over this roster. We all knew that would be the case, but I am impressed with the job he has done so far. If I were a Herm draftee, I would be sweating it a little bit.

I can totally understand if everyone is sick of me posting these depth charts, but I think it is kinda cool to see the roster in this format. With all the new names added the last few days, this roster has changed a ton in less than a week! I also wanted to shake things up a bit by taking all the speculation and conjecture from all the likely suspects, and show the 53 as it "might be". Take it with a grain of salt. And keep rooting on your favorites!

Guys making a case: Battle, Studebaker, Ghiaciuc, Ryan, Belcher, and Colclough.

Guys struggling to find the zone: McBride, Dorsey, Demorrio Williams, Engram, D. Washington,  Q. Lawrence, J. Williams, and McIntosh.

Don't blink, it very well could change again tomorrow.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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