You Might Be A Chiefs Fan If...

 You might be a Chiefs fan if…

  • You accidently slip “and the home of the CHIEFS” every time you sing the National Anthem
  • You are at Arrowhead 2 hours before the gates open just to get your favorite parking spot
  • You bring twice the amount of food than your tailgate needs, just to share with other people
  • You know who #2 *** ****** is and why we don’t speak his name
  • You will never concede that the Raiders is a better team than the Chiefs – no matter what their record was
  • You have blocked almost out every memory over Herm’s tenure as head coach… you only remember the Chiefs improbable playoff berth, then it goes black…
  • You chant “we’re gonna beat the hell out of you… you… you, you, you” every time you hear “Rock and Roll – part 1” by Gary Glitter
  • You know “Start me up” by the Rolling stones is the Chiefs kick-off song
  • You talk know the exact amount of days between the end of the season to the beginning of training camp
  • You drive over 460 miles in August to get a taste of Chiefs football
  • You exactly how many times the Chiefs have beaten the Raiders
  • You know why the Chiefs hate the Raiders *cough* Raiders DE spearheaded Dawson after the play was over and both teams get penalized after Otis Taylor goes after said player *cough*
  • You know the Chiefs name is in no way affiliated with an Indian tribe, but named after H.R. Bartle
  • You know who Belly Boy, Arrow-Man, the Priest and the X-Factor guy are
  • You make sure everyone knows how much the Chiefs beat the Vikings in Super Bowl IV
  • You take off Monday morning after a Chiefs loss because you’re too depressed/hung-over
  • You know all of the Chiefs Cheerleader’s dances, the cheers when they pull out the red scarf and notice that they change bottoms between halves
  • Come to every hour to get up-to-date news



If you can think of any more, please share! (I’m only in my early 20’s so bare with me, I can only relate from the mid 90’s and up.)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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