Who is Rodney Wright?



From the FanPosts  -Primetime

Is number 11 WR/KR Rodney Wright an arena league player who will be Kurt Warner or Bobby Sippio?  So far in camp, he's been making plays every day.  There are pics of an excellent catch demonstrating super concentration from Sunday after the jump.  Until a few days ago, he had no chance of making the team as far as I could tell.  Running backs may have a shot at 5'9", but a wide receiver?  Hmm. 

Anyway, since his name kept coming up in camp reports as a person making good catches, returning kicks and getting behind the defense, I thought a post that pulled together some facts and pics would be good.  If this flash in a pan makes it into one of the top three kick return possibilities, maybe we'll see some lightning during one of the first three pre-season games. 



From the Mothership:

Arena League veteran signed with the Chiefs on April 7th … Attended camp with Buffalo in 2002-03 … Spent his past four seasons with the San Jose SaberCats (2005-08) of the Arena Football League …  Caught 292 passes for 3,229 yards (11.1 avg.) with 42 TDs … Returned 113 kickoffs for 2,450 yards (21.7 avg.) with four TDs and four missed field goals for 110 yards (27.5 avg.) with a TD … Spent portions of the 2002-03 seasons on the Buffalo practice squad … Entered the NFL as a seventh-round pick (250th overall) of the Bills in the 2002 NFL Draft.

From Gretz, CBS  Aug 2 2009 | 5:02:38 pm
Rodney Wright had a nice catch on a deep ball under good coverage.  (Same play caught by CMatthews on camera from the stands.)


via UW-RF

Rodney practicing punt returns


via UW-RF


via UW-RF

From August 4

  • BIG play- cassel splits safties on skinny post 2 rodney wright. 50 yards to the house (Josh Looney)

    From August 5

  • WR Rodney Wright got past a defender for a deep touchdown (Josh Looney at the Mothership)

  • Is Wright a playmaker good enough to help the Chiefs win on Sundays?  Or camp star who's just not quite ready for primetime?  And can he beat out the rest of the pack in the punt return game, such as WR Bobby Engram, WR Quinten Lawrence, CB Maurice Leggett, CB Jackie Bates, RB Dantrell Savage, CB Londen Fryar and WR Taurus Johnson? 

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