Chiefs Training Camp Update 8/5 AM

Matt Cassel catches up with Peter King of Sports Ilustrated (Photo courtesy of ChiefsPR)


The updates are a little light today but we've still gathered everything from the usual suspects.  Mr. Looney at the Mothership is still killin' it over there so we thank him for that.

UW-RF updates will be coming out shortly and I will update this post as soon as they do.

(Edit: and UWRF updates added.)

Updates after the jump.

General stuff

  • Weather: 72 degress, 75% humidity (UWRF)
  • About 230 fans showed up (UWRF)
  • Today was Kids' Day (UWRF)
  • LB Zach Thomas returned to workouts after a day off yesterday (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Coach Todd Haley is riding the receivers hard today.  He appears to be unhappy with them (Gretz at CBS)
  • "Coach Haley is now in the confessional with @SI_PeterKing. Coach is having flashbacks to the Penguins winning the Cup I think" (ChiefsPR Twitter)
  • Again, if you jumped off sides or turned the ball over, you're running (Mitch Holthus Twitter)



  • DB Londen Fryar made two nice plays on WR Bobby Engram.  First was an interception on an out route then other was breaking up a pass on a fly route (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • LB Corey Mays had a big hit at the end of practice (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • CB Brandon Carr picked off QB Matt Cassel in 7-on-7 drills (Gretz at CBS)
  • Andy Studebaker replaced Vrabel on the first team (Bob Gretz)
  • During OL vs. DL drills, Alphonso Boone and Alex Magee jumped offsides and had to run.  On one play, DL Dion Gales didn't hustle as fast as Tim Krumrie liked (UWRF)
  • The starting defensive line at times was Magee, Edwards, Boone with Dorsey taking Magee's spot from time to time (UWRF)
  • NT pressured Croyle but later fell down twice to the ire of Pendergast and Haley (UWRF)

Special teams


  • LB Monty Beisel (No reason given) (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Beisel wasn't conditioning either, but he took a blow when he tried to tackle RB Jackie Battle yesterday (Bob Gretz)
  • Mike Vrabel didn't practice - nothing serious (Bob Gretz)
  • Not practicing: LBs Wes Dacus and Demorrio Williams, RB Kolby Smith, TE Brad Cottam, S DaJuan Morgan and OL Wade Smith (Bob Gretz)
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