Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/5



Here we go again. Crazy amounts of info out there (mostly crap).

Also note, Peter King is scheduled to be at camp today, so be sure to keep an eye on his Tweets.

 Amani Toomer joins the Chiefs on Tuesday is a nice photo gallery from the KC Star

He was fed up from three days of dropped passes and generally inconsistent play from the Chiefs wide receivers, so when he saw Amani Toomer go up high to make a difficult catch, Todd Haley couldn’t help himself.

"That’s the way," the Chiefs coach shouted to anyone within a half-mile radius of the practice fields at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, "to catch the football."

Chiefs Sign Veteran Receiver Toomer from the KC Star (Why are they using that photo?)

The changes look good on paper and seem to be working so far in the limited context of training camp. The real gauge, though, will be once the games start.

"Hopefully, we can make this work, but it’s a lot of talk," (Zack) Thomas said. "It’s early. Everybody thinks they’re going to win a lot of games this year, but that doesn’t happen. Hopefully, we’ll be the team that does."

Sad Sacks from

Chad Ochocinco summed up the Ghiaciuc years with one of the lines of the offseason. After Ghiaciuc told the Chiefs’ Web site that he thought the wide receiver was a disruption in the locker room, Ochocinco rebutted: "Tell Ghiaciuc his play was a distraction."

Bengals Feel Cook's Presence On Line

At Hunt's request, they met over dinner at Adams' Charcoal Inn. Never even talked football -- not until they were a few blocks from dropping Hunt off at the airport.

"Want to start a football league or our own?" Hunt asked.

Capital idea, Adams said, and they agreed to talk again soon.

American Football League's Influence Remains From the Cleveland Plain Dealer (scroll down for start of article)

Toomer should give new Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel another quality target and provide leadership to a group of young receivers who don't have much experience.

Former NY Giants Receiver Amani Toomer Signs... from the Newark Star Ledger (good comments section)

Not sure the link to UWRF was posted for yesterday's practice. Here are two of my favorites from that:

Three attractive young ladies spoke to reporters today about their reasons for coming to Chiefs camp. Nikki Jo Zeleny said excitedly and without shame, "I’m here looking for my future husband!" Katherine Baisden had to add "I’m watching Brodie Croyle (quarterback.) He is fine!" Fellow observer, Angie Dieringer agreed with her friends, stating, "Yeah, we are out here looking at boys. But it’s really quiet around here! You guys need to turn on some Jock Jams or something and get this place rockin’!" All three ladies are students at UWRF and enjoy the opportunity to watch the professional athletes at work. "I like (quarterback) Matt Cassel," Zeleny added late in the interview. "He should come talk to me after practice."

The defensive line worked on a drill that required the three linemen to run through dummies, perfecting different routes and scenarios. Defensive end Alfonso Boone said to Defensive Line Coach Tim Krumrie after completing one round of the drill, "Scared of Ron (Edwards), huh?" Krumrie had apparently moved out of the way of 315-pound defensive tackle Ron Edwards. Krumrie kind of laughed and said, "Well, the big mother (freaker) hit me." Newly returned defensive end Glenn Dorsey did not participate in this drill.

From the UWRF Staff

Here's the link to UWRF's Photo Gallery from yesterday (I haven't checked it for the girls mentioned above).

Player's Tweets

superdj56 we dont get enough sleep in camp, but camp is all about grinding and being mentally tough. so i will caatch up on sleep later.

From the Fans and Media

mitchholthus Ok tomorrow we hike with the RBs, but you gotta watch campin w the Chiefs on Thursday..don't miss it on

kb_kcstarGonna miss working with one of my heroes in this business, the amazing Joe Posnanski. Glad he's not going too far.

JoshuaJericho: o.O Chiefs sign Amani Toomer! WHY DOES AWESOME STUFF HAPPEN WHILE I'M AT WORK!! Oh, wait, isn't he like 70 years old Hmm...

dnstave33: @mortreport how come your not stopping by the Chiefs training camp in River Falls, Wis. its right next to the Vikings right

mortreport: @dnstave33 Another decision that was made based on schedule "musts" but I will see Chiefs in preseason.

Two practices today.

Today: Mostly sunny, with a high near 79. Calm wind becoming north northwest around 5 mph.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 56. North northeast wind between 3 and 5 mph

From The National Weather Service

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