Chiefs Training Camp Update 8/3 AM


via UW-RF

Updated: 12:54 PM

Josh Looney over at the Mothership calls today a "hump day" because the excitement of camp is wearing off and the mental and physical aspects of camp become more taxing.

It will be interesting to see how this team responds to another set of two-a-days following three high-energy practices. The pre-camp adrenaline rush has likely faded by this point. This morning’s practice session may be a mental test for this team, while the afternoon period will likely test the physical side of things. Ice baths between practices keep the legs fresh and are a must hump day.

The team started the day with position drills and moved onto 11 on 11 work.

After the jump, we've got updates from all the usual suspects.  This post will be updated as more info from UW-RF and Bob Gretz comes through.

General stuff


  • Cassel hit TE Sean Ryan in the corner of the end zone for a score.  Looney calls this the play of the day (Gretz at CBS and Looney on Twitter).  Javarris Williams picked up a blitzing Bernard Pollard on the play (Mitch Holthus Twitter)
  • Line drills are highlighting qualities in each running back. LJ and Jackie Battle are the power guys and Jamaal Charles and Dantrell Savage are the quick guys (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • A running back made a nice pass block that saved a safety (Mitch Holthus Twitter)
  • The quarterbacks practiced rolling out to the left and hitting a target.  Croyle was 1/5, Thigpen 0/5 and Cassel 0/3 (UWRF)
  • FB/TE Jed Collins made a nice grab on a throw that was high from Croyle (UWRF)
  • Thigpen hit Webb near the sidelines and barely got both feet in.  Pollard was excited that Webb made the catch.  Haley said, "Good job, Webb." (UWRF)
  • Quinten Lawrence jumped offsides on one play.  Haley yelled, "Get him out of there," at which point Engram replaced him (UWRF)
  • Cassel hit Mark Bradley for a 35-40 yard gain (UWRF)
  • Croyle hit Rodney Wright for a completion on the sidelines (UWRF)


  • UDFA Jovan Belcher knocked over Damion McIntosh on a pass rush (Gretz at CBS)
  • Tamba Hali drilled Mike Goff on a play that could be heard across all three practice fields (Gretz at CBS)
  • Tank Tyler made a number of nice plays when they had the offense backed up agains their own goal line (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Mike Vrabel looked impressive today against the offensive tackles after taking extra time after practice with line coach Tim Krumrie yesterday (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Brandon Flowers looked very sharp on a long pass route alongside Dwayne Bowe (Josh Looney at the Mothership).  Flowers also caused Cassel to overthrow Darling on another pass (UWRF)
  • Andy Studebaker missed a Croyle interception and shouted obscenities (UWRF)
  • Rookie defensive end Alex Magee continued to see time with the first-string, as he has been all of training camp thus far. (UWRF)
  • Linebacker Derrick Johnson was in full pads and practicing this morning after sitting out the last two practices.  Johnson wouldn’t return to practice with his team the remainder of the morning. (UWRF)
  • While the defensive line worked on the single sled, Defensive Line Coach Tim Krumrie shouted, “Tattoo that son of a (gun), and snap his head back. Fly back his (butt)!” (UWRF)
  • After a drill, linebacker Mike Vrabel, a 13-year veteran, was showing two-year linebacker Andy Studebaker how he should be using his arms during the drill. (UWRF)

Special Teams

  • Succop was 3/4 on field goals.  He hit the right up right from 35 yards but made from 39, 42 and 44 yards (Gretz at CBS)
  • Succop had LOTS of room to spare (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Succop needs a nickname. Colquitt is the leg, what should Succop be? (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Kicking off, Succop's kicks traveled to the end zone from the 45 yard line (UWRF)


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