Fantasy Football Games - Pin the Tail on the Donkey


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Ummm...I pick bachelor number two!


I was looking through my various fantasy football leagues to make sure I could accommodate the multiple drafts I have scheduled in the coming weeks, somehow I ended up in FOUR fantasy leagues this year which is about three more than I should be in. You know how it goes, you invite your buddies then they invite you, next thing you know you're spending your entire Labor Day weekend in a bunch of cyberspace draft rooms instead of on a boat or in front of a grill. The good news is that by shear volume I should be able to draft a playoff team this year, unless of course I find myself being the donkey (again) in four out of four.

"Donkey" is a term taken from the poker world that fits most suitably to fantasy football as well. Both are vices, if you don't believe me check with a divorce lawyer about half way through the football season. Every league has a least one donkey, many have more. Let me give you a tip for spotting them; if you can't figure out who the donkey in your league is, it's probably you.

Many of you reading this are probably experts at spotting the donkey(s) at both poker and fantasy football so to you they will need no introduction, but for the rest of us, let me indulge "Jeff Foxworthy" style. Pay close attention kiddies, there will be a test at the end;


If you play in more than three fantasy football league's and think that will increase your chances of making the playoffs.....You might be the Donkey.

If you draft Darrius Heyward-Bey in the first round just because Al Davis did......You might be the donkey.

If all of your friends won't stop begging you to join their "for money" fantasy league.....You might be the donkey.

If you've had Brett Favre on the top of your draft board...since March....You might be the donkey.

If you ever in your FFB history drafted Deon Sanders "for his receiving potential" might be the donkey.

If you are the first in your league to draft a kicker, tight-end, AND might be the donkey.

If you tell your wife you were having an affair to cover-up your all-night "sleepover" draft party with your might be the donkey.

If your idea of "draft preparation research" only includes might be the donkey.

If during the draft you have to ask your league commissioner to pause the clock because you spilled beer on your copy of NFL Fantasy Football might be the donkey.


Ok class, its time for the test. put away those books and keep your eyes on your own monitor. Don't panic, its multiple-guess. 70% is a passing score.




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