For this Chiefs fan, it all comes down to coaching!! What about you?

I know, I know. We've been over this before. But sometimes, if we slow down a bit and re-think things, we get a different perspective on them. Sometimes. Here's mine.

If we go back to last year and look at a half dozen or so of our losses, something comes to light. Mabye.

First though, we need to be honest here. Last year the Chiefs were horrible. I don't want to hear about how close we were in several games and we showed some glimpses etc. That doesn't change the final result; we just plain sucked. Period. 6-26 over 2 years is absolutely deplorable, horrible and downright terrible. That's it in a nutshell. The rest is just excuses we make as fans because we wanted to see something, anything to give us hope. Anything that might somehow, magically make the bad things go away. As a true fan, I just can't see the Chiefs in the same light as every other football fan in the country does. To the rest of the country we are the Lions, the Rams, the Browns. One of those teams. You get the point. So what different perspective could I possibly get from all this then? Good question.

I went back over highlights of last year. Those close losses. Those last second losses. Those failed last minute drives. Well, you know the ones I'm talking about. As I was watching the highlights from last year, a light went on for me. I got to thinking, "Wow, we really really sucked, so how did we even keep the games close"? I mean how did we ever get a lead on the Buc's like that?

That's when it occured to me that the ONLY reason we ever hung around in any game last year was because we have so much raw, untapped, untrained and uncoached talent in KC. There were times when we looked like the 1970's Buccaneers, and somehow, Thiggy would scramble and get free and Bowe would pull in some chin dropping, eye popping unbelievable pass (after dropping two). Gonzalez would pull one in despite 3 guys covering him. In other words, when our guys really put their minds to it, they were able to tap into some hidden talent and come up with HUGE plays that would be totally unexpected by anyone.

To me this speaks books about our Chiefs. It's next to impossible to say what talent our guys may actually have. Most of our young team was drafted, introduced to and coached in the NFL by Sperm Edwards. So, did our team suck because they just plain sucked, or did these college superstars come into the NFL, where the speed, pace, intensity and conditioning is on a whole nother level, and just never learn the correct methods to be great in the NFL?

We really won't know yet will we? But it just doesn't seem very likely to me that our which had a lot of 1st and 2nd round draft picks as starters, would also be the team with the most college duds. Really? I just don't believe that our draft picks were all busts. No way!! I believe they just weren't ever taught or coached correctly from day one. And once you come to expect your team to always suck they probably will. Once you play on a team that's the brunt of other teams jokes, you start to believe it. If you think your not going to get more than ten sacks in a season, then you probably won't. If you expect to lose games, you will. If you get used to a losing culture, that's what you get used to, because that's all you know. That's not just true of football either. It's life.

For most of us, we will only be as good at something, as our teacher was. So, this gives me reason to believe that with Haley at the helm, our guys may just learn to live up to their full potential. And with some wins, they may start to believe in themselves as individuals and as a team. For the first time. You know, misery loves company but so does greatness. One positive leads to another as they say. Over the next couple of years, we just might see a team climb out of the ashes and rise to greatness. Maybe.

What do you feel?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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