Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/25


via KC Star

Understand that Andy Alleman and Ikechuku Ndukwe are not Pro Bowlers. They do not arrive on the Chiefs roster riding white horses and promising better times are ahead...

...But they are also an example that when things are not going well, Pioli/Haley is not going to sit back and shrug their shoulders. They are going to get some players to help fill in the shallow areas on the roster.

Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

KC Star Photo Gallery: Chiefs Monday practice | Aug. 24, 2009

OCF had this one in the Fanshots, but I thought I'd bring it over here, too.

But it was not to be. Midway through practice, an equipment guy grabbed Vrabel’s helmet during a break and ripped off the sticker.

Apparently, it was an oversight. The Chiefs returned from their recent game in Minnesota in the wee hours Saturday morning and, in their haste, the equipment staff missed one sticker on Vrabel’s helmet.

Haley says nobody has officially made the Chiefs team yet from KC Star

Haley wasn’t happy with the Chiefs’ line after Friday night’s preseason loss at Minnesota, when Cassel was sacked three times and had to scramble often in one half of participation.

“I wish we had more talent at spots to create more competition,” Haley said, “and that’s where over the next couple of weeks we might be able to improve that aspect of it.”

Chiefs make trade to bolster offensive line from KC Star

QUESTION — Doug from Baltimore, Md.: "Hey Glaze, with teams like the Ravens and Chiefs clamoring for WR help, why isn't Matt Jones on the forefront of these tryouts? Is it as simple as teams just wanting to sidestep the negative publicity he could potentially bring?"

jay_glazer: "Because you can't trust him. Talent vs. trust is a separate issue. That's not saying he shouldn't get another chance, he should. But he's going to have to find a team that's willing to gamble and hope he doesn't let them down."

Mailbag: Glazer on Warner, Favre, Romo and more from FoxSports

Kansas City has several position battles playing out in the final two weeks of the preseason.  This article will provide 3 points of examination to help Kansas City fans enjoy the remainder of the preseason.

Pioli, Haley, and Kansas City Debate Who Goes Where from Bleacher Report

Hey, Mike. Who is the real Kyle Orton? The one who looks confident driving the team downfield in two preseason games? Or the one who throws three picks at San Francisco and a wrong-handed interception in the end zone at Seattle? Thanks.
-- Sean, Golden

Sean - I wish I could give you an insightful scouting report, but the truth is, not even the wisest of NFL scouts knows how Orton will perform with a full season of quarterbacking in what is arguably the most quarterback-friendly offensive system in the NFL...

Mailbag: Who's the real Kyle Orton? from The Denver Post is reporting that [Edgerrin] James reportedly agreed to a one-year, $2 million deal to join the [Seahawks]. However, James is not at the facility and has not been seen around VMAC today. For what it’s worth, James’ agent is Drew Rosenhaus.

While not specifically addressing the James situation, Mora did say he’s not pleased with the running game, and described the plays of his running backs on Saturday as “OK.”

Mora says running game just ‘OK’ from The News Tribune

Player Tweets

ToonIcon Dang!!!! 8am til 7pm!!!! And I still gotta do more before I leave the Facility!

ToonIcon All I need in this life of sin is Me and My Madden10. ----YEP!!!

Media and Fans

mitchholthus Ok..OLine search today...evaluation continues

SI_PeterKing Philip Rivers signs for 6. I know there's no cause-and-effect, but I don't see the Chargers signing Merriman barring a terrific '09.

Adam_Schefter Watching Jets game with Herm Edwards and he reminded me of a great point - Jets drafted Leon Washington with the pick they got for Herm.

brianseltzer: Curtis apparently suffered a high ankle sprain about 2.5 weeks ago before Chiefs cut him. Will continue rehabbing w/ Eagles.

bmcd77: Its only Monday and I am already excited for the Chiefs game this weekend. Woo hoo!!

Today's Kansas City Weather

Today: Sunny, with a high near 88. South wind between 9 and 13 mph.

Tonight: A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1am. Partly cloudy, with a low around 70. South wind between 5 and 11 mph.

From The National Weather Service

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