Guys you will be surprised won't make the final roster

As we are approaching time time of year where teams are cutting their rosters down, I think there might be some surprises in Chiefs land.

Brad Cottam - Cottam was drafted as a developmental project to be the heir apparent to Tony Gonzalez.  But Haley's offenses historically don't use a tight end in the receiving game that much and he doesn't seem all that interested in the former regimes project plaeyrs.  Cottam has been dropping down the depth chart towards the end of training camp and his work ethic has been questioned.  Don't be surprised if O'Connell or Ryan end up making the team over Cottam.

Bobby Engram - Engram is a "Haley guy", brought in exclusively to play the slot and add a veteran presence to the Chiefs receivers.  But he is 36 years old and has had a terrible camp and been just as guilty as the young guys of dropping the ball too much.  Now that Amani Toomer is on the team, having Engrams veteran presence isn't as important as it was.  Plus he doesn't play special teams.

Dantrell Savage - We all love this guy.  But lets face it, he's the odd man out.  The fact he has never been able to do much as a returner will be his downfall.  Haley has made it well known he likes Jackie Battle, who is a solid contributor on special teams.  That means our RBs will be LJ, Battle and Charles.  Don't feel bad Dantrell, Kolby Smith will be joining you once he comes off the PUP.

Quinten Lawrence - Drafted by Pioli, Haley is giving him every chance to succeed.  No other receiver on the team has been thrown to more than Lawrence, but no other receiver on the team has dropped more passes either.  He CLEARLY is afraid of getting hit.  They probably will put him on the practice squad, but unless he has a breakthru as a returner, he won't make the final 53.

DaJuan Morgan - Another guy Herm had big plans for.  Haley doesn't care about that.  Morgan was hurt all through camp, which means he didn't have the opportunity to impress Haley with his work ethic (if he has one).  In the meantime, they brought in Brown to backup Pollard and Page and provide a leadership role.  Jon McGraw is a core special teamer and Morgan has yet to do anything noticable on special teams.

Brodie Croyle or Tyler Thigpen - Pioli likes "his" guys.  Like Cassel, Gutierrez is one of his guys (Gutierrez nearly beat Cassel out as Tom Bradys backup last preseason, wonder how differently things would have turned out if that had happened?).  Croyle has played well and seems to be locked in as Cassels backup, but his injury history is, as always, a huge concern with him.  Thigpen is the inferior QB on the roster, but he does have that knack for making things happen that could give him the edge.  The possibility of Thigpen being used in some sort of Slash role as a backup QB also could give him an edge.  However, I don't know if Haley sees as much value in that as he does in a reliable backup to Cassel that he wouldn't have to abandon his entire offensive scheme for (as the Chiefs had to do last year with Thigpen). 

And no, this isn't Madden.  Don't fool yourself into thinking we're going to trade Croyle or Thigpen for Brandon Marshall or even someones 7th round pick.  No one wants our scrubs when they have plenty of their own.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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