What has Thigpen Done

for everyone to hate on him?  I've been reading posts quite a bit lately and there is thigpen love and some thigpen hate.  It is like some of you are wanna be skip bayless' and  argue over the sake of arguing,  arguing with yourself I'm sure.

"BUT STAN, THIGPEN DINDN'T WIN GAMES" Okay, your right, he went 1-something as a starter but did he lose games? Outside of Atlanta, He was a TD MACHINE ask anyone who played fantasy football.  There is a reason why he went from only being on his dad's fantasy team to being in every fantasy league in the country.

"BUT STAN, HE IS EASY TO GAMEPLAN AGAINST" really? thats why we scored so much in the first half with him? i mean the defense blew the games, or we missed an extra point, or DJ dropped an interception, or dwayne bowe fumbled the onside kick..... Point is  Thigpen put points up on the board. Not his fault we went into 3rd quarter with a lead and did the run run pass Punt routine. FACT.- LJ had more carries in the 3rd quarter than any other quarter.


FACT.  Thigpen was probably smarter than every single one of us last year.  Common Argument- "Thigpen zeros in on Gonzalez and bowe."  I think its pretty clear we all realize why he did this... NOBODY CAN CATCH.  Haley obviously knows this or he wouldn't have brought in the 2001-2002 pro bowl team.


last note is today.  I'm seeing a lot of "thiggy should go" "Gut is the Man" and the classic "thigpen still can't take a snap under center" so please before you comment, watch these two videos. 

the first one is the same exact route we lost the game on.... Gut should have made a pass that looked something like this...

same route, better throw, opposite side of field

this one is a little more tony a little less thigpen but again, touchdown pass under center.

So yeah, I'm new here but I really think some of you argue just to stir the pot. What will happen to Gut? I don't care as long as he doesn't end up in denver.  This is the reason why I think he was brought in.  I believe we were tipped he was being released and we picked him up within a min. to keep him from denver.


Why is Brodie being so hyped? Trade Value Stupid.  kent babb isn't stupid.  Chiefs front office knows what to do to increase trade value, get the guy on ESPN and create a buzz.  People forgot Brodie croyle even existed before that tweet was made.


Bye.  Thanks for reading my first post ever. make sure to put up your best beating a dead horse picture.




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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