Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/22

Kansas City Chiefs' running back Jackie Battle is stopped on a one-yard dive by Minnesota Vikings' linebacker Jasper Brinkley (54) and safety Husain Abdullah (39) during the second half of a NFL preseason football game, Friday, Aug. 21, 2009 in Minneapolis. The Vikings won 17-13. (AP Photo/Paul Battaglia)

Foremost on that list is an aggressive defense that was able to get pressure on Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre and ruin his Vikings debut. Minnesota was unable to gain a first down in Favre’s two possessions.

The defense didn’t fare as well against Favre’s successor, Tarvaris Jackson, who led the Vikings on a 15-play, 92-yard touchdown drive in the second quarter.

Chiefs come up short in a 17-13 loss to the Vikings from KC Star

Are the Chiefs any closer to finding out just what kind of team they are going to become?

The locker room consensus from the Metrodome was no on offense, closer on defense and still looking in the kicking game, although rookie kicker Ryan Succop has established that he could be the real deal when it comes to putting boot to ball.

Search For Identity Continues from Bob Gretz

What we learned

Cassel is capable of moving the offense, doing something four consecutive times Friday that he couldn’t do once last week against Houston: get the Chiefs past the 50-yard line. But if Friday was an indication of the challenges Cassel will face in 2009, Kansas City’s offensive line will cause him plenty of headaches. He was sacked once in the first half, and had to scramble far too often.

Chiefs Blitz: A look at the good, the bad and the ugly from KC Star

The Chiefs didn’t sack Favre, or either of the Vikings’ two other passers, but linebackers Corey Mays and Tamba Hali took turns knocking down Favre in his limited appearance Friday.

It was the most encouraging flash from a group of linebackers put together and emphasized after last year’s unit couldn’t do much more than spend time on the injured list.

Chiefs’ linebackers make a good impression in loss to Vikings from KC Star

Now 0-2 in the pre-season, the Chiefs play on both offense and defense lacked consistency. While still experimenting on offense, they were able to move the ball at times but lacked a real killer punch. They also turned the ball over twice on fumbles. Defensively, they made Brett Favre’s first game in a purple uniform miserable, but after that they had trouble stopping the Vikings offense.

The Other Guy Beats the Chiefs, 17-13 from Bob Gretz

There’s no such thing as an offensive-line controversy. Either you have a good one or you don’t. There’s no one standing on the sideline who can fix a broken line.

Short of Willie Roaf and Will Shields pulling a Brett Favre, it appears the Chiefs will go the entire 2009 season with a below-average line opening holes for Larry Johnson and protecting Matt Cassel.

Shoddy offensive line will hold Chiefs back from KC Star

KC Star Photo Gallery: Chiefs fall to Vikings 17-13 in Favre's debut

1. There's nowhere to hide. Considering all the love and instant devotion shown to Brett Favre Friday night in Minneapolis by so many Minnesota Vikings fans willing to forgive and forget, Corey Mays' introduction to the 39-year-old quarterback midway through the first quarter probably was a fair and appropriate counter-weight.

Brought him and everybody else in the place right down to Earth. Hard.

What I Learned: Fans Embrace Once-Reviled Favre in Vikes Debut from SI

Honestly, I hate to impugn the 10 other Chiefs who lined up with Cassel for a half. Football is the ultimate team game. But there’s no question about it – Cassel was the driving force. He was the engine that made the offense go, that directed two scoring drives.

Cassel Succeeds Despite Chiefs from WPI


So Favre’s night was done. He was one of four for four yards passing. In two possessions, he led the Vikings to 14 yards on seven plays. Favre took at least two big hits from the Chiefs defense.

Favre’s big night in the Twin Cities was no explosion. It was a fuse that never got lit.

Favre Mania Fizzles from Bob Gretz

It was a startling scene to behold. Seeing souvenir stands inside the building selling Favre merchandise would be like seeing street vendors in Gotham City peddling Joker masks.

Favre welcomed heartily in Minnesota from KC Star

But Favre’s Vikings debut was hardly memorable. He quarterbacked the Vikings for seven plays and had little to show for them other than perhaps some nasty bruises courtesy of Chiefs linebacker Corey Mays.

In Favre’s Vikings debut, the rust is obvious from KC Star

"After that last hit I thought maybe I would wait until next week," said Favre. "We [tossed] around playing period and how risky it would be after two-and-a-half days, even though I know the offense for [the] most part. There is no way I can be in condition so I am sure after Brad (Childress) saw me get hit on that last one, he and I weren’t too eager to go back in."

Chiefs Liked the Favre Frenzy from Bob Gretz

Not surprisingly, fans of Favre said his departure was out of his control and pinned the blame on general manager Ted Thompson.

But those who identified themselves as loyal to the Packers weren’t quick to point the finger at Favre. Some forgave Favre, some didn’t. The same was true for those who weren’t huge fans of the Packers.

Measuring Green Bay fans’ ability to forgive Favre from KC Star

Favre's night ended with a jarring hit by Chiefs linebacker Corey Mays, who buried his head in the 39-year-old's chest as he drove him into the turf to force an errant throw. Favre got up and walked off fine, his purple No. 4 jersey — such a strange sight, for sure — pulled down and exposing his left shoulder pad.

"He did tell me that no one's tackled him off his tractor," coach Brad Childress said. "Good for him to get hit."

Nervous Favre debuts for Vikes, who beat Chiefs from The (other) AP

Others are practicing their goodbyes. Wright, the Chiefs’ equipment manager, is one of only a handful of people in the organization to have spanned the entire 19 years in River Falls. He made friends here. "Having us here never got old to them," he says.

Moore is another who has been here the whole time. He says he’s bringing home two of the red signs that have hung on the town’s street lamps for parts of the past 19 years, the ones welcoming visitors to the summer home of the Chiefs. Moore says one of the signs is for the Chiefs museum he’s putting together at Arrowhead Stadium, and the other is for his personal collection.

"I’ve enjoyed every day of it," Moore says. "A small town where people are crazy about your team."

Chiefs leave a few broken hearts as they part ways with River Falls, Wis. from KC Star

Following is a breakdown of the ten best seasons in the history of the Dallas Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs.

And Happy Golden Anniversary to the Kansas City Chiefs’ franchise!

KC Chiefs 101: What are the Chiefs' 10 best season's in the team's 49-year history from

Player Tweet

ToonIcon Lost by 4..... Hate not winning when the ball on the freakn 1yd line!!!!!! Much Improvements Needed. Me included.

Media and Fans

kb_kcstar I'm thinking the Chiefs' offensive line is going to be a major liability this year. On the last drive: 2 sacks, 1 false start, 1 holding.

kb_kcstar The good news: I think the Chiefs have seen the end of Adrian Peterson. The bad news: Not before he started a 93-yard touchdown drive.

JoshLooney thriller in the dome, but chiefs fall 17-13...came down to fourth and 1 on the final play of the game...couldn't put it in

mitchholthus Enuf to build on 2nite...long march

MNSportsCrap: Chiefs' Charles looked pretty good at RB and Cassel looked good running then throwing.

hylj: Wow my Chiefs looking almost worser then my grammer!

Marc_Bertrand: Glad that Matt Cassel showed up last night for KC. I don't think anybody around here wants to see that guy fail. #Chiefs #NFL

andy00jones: Chiefs lost last night, so sad cuz they were so close!

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