So I was sitting here reading Matt Connor's post "Why The Chiefs' Best Hope Is Not Even On The Team" (sorry I didn't link it, I'm in a bit of a hurry.) and I was commenting on JacinB's comment that we would not reach the playoffs this year. What started as a simple thought quickly turned into an in depth research frenzy. My first thought was, nobody can know if we will make the playoffs or not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I agree with JacinB's opinion that we will not make the playoffs, however, it is unfair to say that we can't or won't, when the season hasnt even started yet. NONE of us KNOW, we all just THINK and base our predictions on certain reasoning. My first thought was, nobody outside Miami thought they would make it to the playoffs after 2007's 1-15 season. But Miami was buzzing buzzing buzzing and sure enough, they became a good team and made the playoffs. How much is Miami's 2007 team like the Chiefs 2008 team? What was Miami's 2007 season like, and what changes in the offseason leading to 2008 did they make, and how much like the 2008 entering 2009 Chiefs were they? Find out after the jump..

Miami went 1-15 2 years ago. Now I'm not big on stats but check this out..

In 2007, miami ALLOWED 27.3ppg (30th), 342.2ypg (23rd), 188.7passing ypg (29th), and 153.5 rushing ypg (32nd)

They GAINED 16.7ppg (26th), 287.5ypg (28th), 189.4passing ypg (24th) and 98.1 rushing ypg (23rd)

Then, Parcells took over, fired the GM, fired the coaching staff, brough in a new staff. Miami also let go 2 probowlers, releasing Zach Thomas and traded Jason Taylor for a 2nd round pick.  They went out in the draft, picked up a franchise LT in Jake Long, and in the 2nd round picked up Phillip Merling who ended up having a good season for only starting 2 games as a rookie. Then they brought in Chad Pennington who had many questions surrounding him. He was deemed injury prone, over the hill, zero potential, and just another QB who was to fail in Miami. Many of us worried that Herm would try to bring him to KC. Not many of us (if any) wanted him.

The Chiefs went 2-14 in 2008

In 2008 the Chiefs ALLOWED 27.5PPG (29th),  393.2YPG (31st), 234.2 passing YPG (28th), and 158.9 rushing YPG(30th)

In 2008 the Chiefs GAINED 18.2 PPG (26th), 308.7 YPG (24th), 195.6 passing YPG (20th) and 113.1 rushing YPG (16th)

THEN the GM resigned, Pioli was brought in, fired the coaching stafff, brought in a new staff, parted ways with a pro bowler (Gonzo). We brought in a new QB who has questions surrounding him such as can he operate outside of NE, is he a system guy, blah blah. We went out and got Tyson Jackson and in the 3rd got Alex Magee who looks like he will get some PT, but probably  not many starts, if any.

Statistically, by comparison, our Season Stats similar to Miami's 1-15 season. Miami lost 7 games by 7 points or less in 2007, as did the Chiefs in 2008. They lost 9 games by 10 points or less in 2007. The Chiefs lost 10 games by 10 or less in 2008.

I cant believe how much alike the 2007 Dolphins and the 2008 Chiefs are. The season, the close losses, the terrible offense and defense, and even the players themselves.

We have talent on the rise, a new GM, new Coach/Staff, new QB, New Scheme, new everything.

Is it really out of the question to win 7-9 or even 10 games and win the division on that?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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