Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/21



It's Game Day, and for the second year in a row Jared Allen is "injured" before his team plays the Chiefs. The team has also packed its bags and will be returning to KC for the rest of the preseason.

"There are some good days and there are some bad days, but all in all I feel comfortable with where I’m at," Cassel said. "There’s a lot of things you learn from the pre-season as far as the offense goes, what routes will work against different coverages and stuff like that. It’s a process."

That’s a favored word these days around the Chiefs: process.

Cassel Says Offense Seeks Identity from Bob Gretz

5 Can the Chiefs get a win? With only four victories, including the preseason, in the last 12 months, Kansas City is starved for confidence. Haley said that’s one of the Chiefs’ biggest problems, and it’s important for the team to learn how to finish games.

Five questions about tonight’s game from KC Star

Todd Haley wasn’t naming any starters on Thursday as the Chiefs started packing before breaking camp. But this week, Richardson was moved into the starting lineup at right tackle ahead of Damion McIntosh and Herb Taylor. To stay there, he must make tonight’s performance a good one.

Favre & Barry Show … Friday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

So Chiefs fan, you want to dream?

Can your team pull off one of the biggest turnarounds in NFL history? To make that happen, the Chiefs would have to go 13-3 this season, for a victory increase of plus-11.

NFL Kickoff ’09: Biggest Turnarounds from Bob Gretz

KC Star Vlog: Chiefs Break Camp

You don’t need a legitimate backup to manufacture a quarterback controversy.

What you need is an overpriced starter, a reckless head coach, a frustrated fan base and bored, ratings-starved journalists and broadcasters.

Without question, the necessary ingredients are in play in Kansas City.

Seeds have been planted for a QB controversy from KC Star

Cassel hasn’t often been a star on the practice field as the Chiefs wind down the northern portion of their training camp with tonight’s preseason game at Minnesota. Between multiple turnovers, errant throws and four scoreless possessions in last week’s preseason opener against Houston, Cassel’s camp has been uneven at best.

Cassel needs to step up tonight against Vikings from KC Star

1. Let Cassel go crazy ... well at least toss the ball a little more.   Matt Cassel only attempted five paases in the Houston game. He went 2-5 for 15 yards and the offense never got in sync with the first string in. Two passes were dropped by his receivers that probably would have kept drives alive, but most fans are panicking that Cassel is somehow a huge failure because of a handful of plays. Sigh ... chill, people.

Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings – preseason week 2 preview from

"The perception that the university makes a lot of money isn't true," Heinselman said. "We don't lose money, but we don't walk away with significant revenue from the Chiefs."

However, Heinselman said, the team's presence at the university for nearly two decades has been a gold mine in other ways. The camp has allowed the school to extend employment to some staff over the summer, opened up work and internship opportunities for students and brought name recognition to the university, he said.

Kansas City Chiefs' last training camp in River Falls, Wis., comes to an end from

 The Kansas City Chiefs unveiled a fresh new look for its official online homepage The first step in a complete overhaul of the team’s official website, the upgraded launched at 9:30 PM (CST) Thursday.

Chiefs Unveil New Look and Features for from the Mothership

And Croyle isn't exactly without pedigree. He was a high-level QB at Alabama, and a third-round pick.

Not writing this to disparage Cassel at all. He clearly has ability and performed admirably in Tom Brady's absence last year. But what all this does say is that Croyle may not be the marginal player that some think he is.

And if he proves to be much more than that, he's got a coach that will give him a fair shake, should this competition open up.

Shocker Coming In KC? from Sporting News

The home team wasn’t from Texas. It was the Kansas City Chiefs.

Instead of 80,000, the crowd was 19,400.

Two seasons before they played in the first Super Bowl, the Chiefs came back to their former Texas home for camp and a farewell preseason game.

The stage is bigger now, but pro football has been to Tarrant from Star-Telegram

The Texans finally got a chance to play in Texas on Friday night, August 20, 1960.

But the game did not go down in Dallas.

Instead, the first-year Texans faced the New York Titans in Abilene, playing at the Public Schools Stadium (below) before a crowd of 8,000. Before the game it was predicted that 12,000 fans would show up.

Texans Memories: Pre-Season Game No. 4 from Bob Gretz

Player Tweets

almighty31 got all my stuff packed for the end of camp now more focus on the Vikings

JWilliams48 game two...chiefs vs. vikings

Media and Fans

Chunt2318: Ooo, Tom Brady just got hit by Robert Geathers. I remember him. He & Arrowhead's turf took ouy Trent Green. Chiefs ain't been right since.

JacqueNLopez: Birthday and Viking Game Tomorrow. Let's kill 'em Chiefs :)

VonStrawn: oh so glad it is Friday and hope the Chiefs look better in this preseason game. Wish all a great weekend and enjoy it :)

renbuddy: ok Chiefs I live around raider fans need a good no a great season.

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