Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/16


via Kansas City Star

Desperate for a new direction, the Chiefs changed their general manager, head coach and quarterback, but things still looked suspiciously like last year in Saturday night’s preseason opener.

Chiefs’ Offense Bogs Down in 16-10 Loss to Texans from KC Star

It was the third quarter Saturday night when the television cameras zoomed in on Haley. Rain had soaked his hat, and he looked toward the new Arrowhead scoreboard and saw that the Chiefs were on their way to another loss, this one a 16-10 preseason disappointment to Houston. Like it or not, this was how the Todd Haley era began.

The Responsibility of Being a Head Coach Falls on Haley for First Time from KC Star

Chiefs quarterback Brodie Croyle shook off nearly 10 months of rust on Saturday night.

He demonstrated he could take a hit. He showed he could still move around the pocket as well as move the pile on the quarterback sneak. And he calmly directed the 2-minute drive.

Chiefs’ Croyle Does Well in First Game Back After Season-Ending Injury in 2008 from KC Star


Backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen did what he did so many times last year, leading the Chiefs on an improbable and unorthodox scoring drive. He scrambled for big yardage and then lofted a no-look touchdown pass to tight end Brad Cottam for the Chiefs’ only TD.

Chiefs Blitz: Thigpen Impresses, Defense Does Not from KC Star

KC Star Photo Gallery: Chiefs Battle Texans and Rain in 16-10 Loss

KC Star Photo Gallery: Chiefs Tailgating

Kansas City Chiefs Statistics from KC Star

Dwayne Bowe’s spot in coach Todd Haley’s doghouse was firmly established Saturday night when the Chiefs came out with five wide receivers in the first quarter, and Bowe was on the sidelines wearing a white baseball cap.

Bowe Comes Off Bench and Makes Catches from KC Star

Randy Moss’ BFF completed just two of five passes for 15 yards. At least two of his throws were dropped. With Cassel at QB, the Chiefs failed to cross the 50 and recorded just two first downs in five series.

KC’s first-unit offense made me long for the good-old days: when the Herm Edwards-coached Chiefs routinely accumulated four or five first downs in a half.

Haley’s Punishment of Bowe Hurts Chiefs Instead from KC Star

Here’s how those four possessions Cassel directed went down for the Chiefs offense:

  1. Six plays for 24 yards, but failed to convert a 3rd-and-3 play.
  2. Three plays for seven yards, with a 3rd-and-11 pass gaining three yards.
  3. Three plays for nine yards, as a 3rd-and-1 pass to TE Sean Ryan was dropped.
  4. Three plays for seven yards, with Cassel losing a snap from C Rudy Niswanger that was recovered by the Texans.

An Ugly Start For The New Regime from Bob Gretz

Fighting his way out of Todd Haley’s doghouse, Bowe was the top individual performer in the Houston Texans 16-10 victory. He caught five passes for 70 yards when he finally got in the game midway through the second quarter with the No. 2 offense led by QB Brodie Croyle.

Seems DBowe Was Paying Attention from Bob Gretz

As Chiefs color man Len Dawson pointed out in the broadcast booth, “That’s pretty good for a third stringer.”

Bowe’s no third stringer, or even a backup for that matter. His performance Saturday night, and the lack thereof from Copper and Darling, should be reason enough for Haley to return his starting job immediately. Bowe might drop a couple of passes this week in practice, but demoting him again, for next Saturday’s game in Minnesota against the Vikings would be silly and counterproductive.

Bowe Should Be Starting from WPI

Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton switched teams in the offseason and had their first chance to show their new fans what they might expect from them in 2009, and neither of them shined.

NFL: Cutler, Orton Struggle In Preseason Debuts from The Post Chronicle

Player Tweet

ToonIcon ugggggghh Rain rain rain!!!!!

Media and Fans

kb_kcstar The Chiefs had better be glad there are three more games that don't count. Todd Haley better be glad that rage anonymous meetings exist.

b_kcstar I'm telling you this now: Ryan Succop will be the best Chiefs kicker since Jan Stenerud. Sorry, Nick Lowery.

mitchholthus We are seein the best of thigpen carried over from last season

JoshLooney Whew...finally leaving Arrowhead for the night...lost of good postgame comments in the video section of

robertsn300: Bad sports night. Royals lose, Chiefs lose, hot MMA girl loses. :( #fb

ddsmith3: Well, I must say that although I realize it's preseason, this evening did nothing to improve my faith in my beloved chiefs

greglafollette: goes another KC Chiefs season...Come on guys, my heart's been broken for a while now.

clifguy: Saw the Chiefs preseason game tonight with Rob. Not a great experience even tho free. How would I feel if I paid $205 for 2 tix +parking?

AdamKroeger: Bowe is obviously the 6th best receiver on the Chiefs roster.

rsharp83: Positive note on Chiefs: Brody Croyle played and was not injured!

dan0matic: The KC Chiefs r the only franchise bold enuf to try and field a high school team. #chiefs


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