The Woodshed: New Era Edition

I wanted so very badly to attend the Chiefs preseason opener tonight at The New Arrowhead for one reason. Not because it will be the first time we see our glorious red & gold in action this season. No, I wanted to attend because I am confident that this is symbolically the beginning of the new golden age for the Kansas City Chiefs. It may sound silly to propose that but I believe in Haley and Pioli more each day.

The purpose of this post is not to re-hash more and more of what has been said by everyone already but hopefully bring some new light to the subjects.




  • Has there been a single player on the roster that has not been a fan of the way things have turned around? I mean, obviously players like Will Franklin were dumped early when they were found to be incompatible. But the remainder seems to all be on board. Larry Johnson has gone from some goofy theatrics on the radio to complete model player. I have a hard time buying that it is all because he wants to get paid. He sees a successful system being created. What has Super Bowl winning WR Amani Toomer done almost every practice since being signed? He stays late and catches balls with the 4th string QB...He knows success and he sees it happening...
  • Who could have predicted that this was how the 1st rounders from last season would have handled themselves. Branden Albert comes in at a fantastic weight and has been a pillar of the new system. Dorsey apparently single-handedly kept Ben & Jerry's afloat and showed up 40 lbs over-weight. Nick Wright surmised that Dorsey perhaps is one of those people who got his fortune and just doesn't love football enough to push himself to be the best. I think we will see very soon.
  • Speaking of Dorsey, and I know Deej will hate this, I am sick of everyone trying to condemn him at his new position without seeing him play there....ever....Too short? Well, actually the biggest advantage to height at that position is arm length and that has always been notable of Dorsey, he has unusually long arms. It is a positive that he is shorter at DE because it gives him the leverage inherently and he would be quick ducking and turning the corner on a QB. Dwight Freeney & James Harrison these guys don't play 3-4 end but they were both deemed to short to rush the passer.
  • Encouraging signs of life from Tamba. Albert, a man who has held his own against some solid pass-rushers (even in just one season) said Tamba was excelling at OLB and was giving him a run for his money, as it were. As gross as it is, the sweat pools everywhere he has been working out is also encouraging. He is buying in to the system and working his tail off. I am excited to see what he can do at his new position.
  • I want to hear what player people think will be an unlikely surprise this year. Magee? Mays? Other? INPUT!

FAIL of the Week (via





Caption This (hope this hasn't been posted):



"If you tell me to (freaking) haul (butt) one more time i will (defecate) down your throat-hole..."


Movie You Should Be Looking Forward To....of the week:


Gentlemen Broncos - Official Theatrical Trailer (via FoxSearchlight)


You boys better keep me updated about this game, I will be at work and very antsy to know the progress.



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