Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/14



BLUE 32... BLUE 32... HUT HUT

Are you ready for some football? I thought as much. No practice today, which gives everyone plenty of time to start drinking for tomorrow's game against the Texans.

"I think Saturday night will be a good indicator to see how far he’s come along," Haley said of Cassel. "I think he’s continued to work hard, knows what’s going on. He’s made some real good throws and some poor throws. Saturday will be a good chance to evaluate where he’s at along with the rest of the quarterbacks.

Work In Progress … Friday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

KC Star Photo Gallery: Arrowhead Renovations

On Thursday, workers scurried to apply finishing touches, and in some areas the paint still smelled new.

In the bowl, the most noticeable improvements are two new high-definition score/video boards that are football-shaped, naturally. There is also a new LED ribbon board encircling the stadium interior.

The ring of honor around the stadium bowl that highlighted great Chiefs players of the past is gone, but the players will be remembered in the ribbon board display, officials said.

Arrowhead Struts its Stuff from the KC Star

Who's going to notice the names flashing by like a stock market ticker? You don't take down the names of those who built the place.

Some things should not be tampered with.

The New Arrowhead Forgets Old Stars from the KC Star

Days after rookie long snapper Tanner Purdum’s mental error caused Chiefs coach Todd Haley to lash out at his special-teams unit, Purdum learned Thursday that he’s out of a job.

Chiefs Camp Buzz: New Long Snapper is Familiar Face from the KC Star

There isn’t any question that Todd Haley’s River Falls boot camp has been a good thing for the Chiefs. The players are working more than they have over the last decade. Not since Marty Schottenheimer left Kansas City has life been this hard for the players. We still have no idea what kind of coach Haley will become, but clearly he’s going to do things his way. Right now he has the players’ attention.

Five to Watch: Chiefs vs. Texans from WPI

"I really like Kansas city a lot. Our special teams coach is really knowledgeable," Succop said of special teams coach Steve Hoffman. "He's been able to help me out tremendously. It's been a blessing to be able to work out with him and improve."

Succop Named 'Mr. Irrelevant,' Makes Transition to NFL from The Daily Gamecock

Here is one prediction: We will read too much into these games, and someone will want Rex Grossman to be the starter over Matt Schaub, right, based on the preseason.

NFL Exhibition Games Under Way; Don't Start that Rex Grossman Controversy Just Yet from

Jeff Wahl, CEO of the major public school innovator EdisonLearning, hosted a celebration at his Massillon home in honor of former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas last Saturday.

"Derrick Thomas is my favorite all time football player," said Wahl. "I always said that when – not if – he gets inducted to the Hall of Fame, I’m going to throw a heck of a party."

HOF inductee Thomas Celebrated for his Off-field Work from The Suburbanite

Once the regular-season begins, Green will go network, serving as color analyst for seven FOX regional games, beginning with the Detroit-New Orleans contest in Week 1.

"I’m doing the first three with Chris Myers, and the next four with Chris Rose," Green said. "I’ve got the Green Bay game here (against the Rams) in Week 3."

Trent Green Leaves Pocket for Broadcast Booth from

Derrick Thomas didn’t play with one true Chief Hall of Famer, and only briefly got to play alongside Joe Montana and Marcus Allen while they were shells of their former selves. Meanwhile, Brian Waters was drafted in 2000 and Tony Gonzalez had his first 1,000-yard season that same year. Dale Carter and James Hasty were a fine pair, but the only way they are seeing the Hall of Fame is by paying the price of admission.

Derrick Thomas: No 90s NFL Player Meant More to His Team from Arrowhead Addict

But, those of us Chiefs fans know that parking for Chiefs games has little in common with the Royals game day experience. After all, 70,000 people show up to Arrowhead every Sunday – and a lot of those fans live to tailgate!

With the KC Metro’s decision to eliminate bus service to the stadium this year, all those fans who used to catch the Chiefs Express will have to get to the stadium other ways which means even more cars taking up precious parking spaces. So remember, GET TO THE GAME EARLY!

Changes in Store for Chiefs Game Day Parking Experience from

"Players will tell you off the record and to a man that if this doesn't work, I don't know what the reaction is going to be if the workouts continue to be at this level as the season goes on."

OTC: Camp Scott Todd Coming to 'Head from KC Confidential

Player Tweets:

Fryar34 Thanks to everyone for all of your support!

almighty31shouts to @DjLazyK on keepin it wavy out there. settin the tone on this mixtape ISH!!!!!! OWWWW

ToonIcon Headn Back to KC!! for 48hrs...then right back here!

almighty31 goodnight to all the tweeters. time to rest for a great future ahead of me. keep followin me and it will b better soon. after camp. lol

Media and Fans:

Jay_Glazer i'm reporting 1 yr deal at 1.6 million w option for year 2 at 5.2 million for eagles and vick. zero guaranteed $$. plans for wildcat w him

QueenJerrica: I am so ready for Sat.. Cant wait to go to the Chiefs game!!! Ahhh I love football season!!

B3I3R: Madden 10 classes are in session. Chiefs 41 v. Cowboys 23. Chiefs 17 v. Pats 15. Who's next? We are a fierce 69 overall...Get it!

BrianBShynin: Wow everything about this new Madden is feddy, the best football game I have ever played. They have the wildcat & the Chiefs Pistol offense.

djstrangelove09: I Love the best invention ever... NFL Network!!! K.C. Chiefs Baby! Any given Sunday! This could be the year!

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