VIDEO: Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Comments After 8/13 Training Camp

Video comes courtesy of the Mothership.  Todd Haley took a few questions on how the quarterbacks are preparing and what kind of time the starters will see in the first preseason game on Saturday.

Here is the full transcript.  Below are some highlights.

Q: Have you decided how much you want to see of him and the rest of the quarterbacks Saturday night?

HALEY: "I told you wrong yesterday. We’re going to meet tonight on personnel. I would guess it would be in the quarter or quarter-and-a-half range for most of the guys."

Q: Is there a philosophy when you have a new quarterback, a new team and a new system that maybe you’d want to give him more reps in actual game settings to get used to his teammates?

HALEY: "Again, you’re trying to evaluate all the guys and we’ve got four (quarterbacks) right now that we’re trying to evaluate. You try and get at least three of them in each game. Then whoever the odd man out is you hope you can get in the next one. There are a lot of factors that go into how long a guy plays, especially quarterback and what line you have in and what receivers. Matt is a guy who hasn’t played a lot. I’ve stated that. He’s played really 15 regular season games in the last seven years. All the seasoning those types of guys can get the better."

Q: First game, bright lights, I’m sure you’ve seen some guys who you think can play and then they walk on the field and it’s over.

HALEY: "Seen it go both ways. I’ve seen some guys that when the lights go on they hit the deck and some other guys when the lights go on you say, ‘hey, this guy’s got something.’ I’ve seen it work both ways a number of times.

"Once you get out there, and it’s as close to the real thing you’re going to get here for the next three or four weeks, it’ll tell us a lot about the majority of these guys."

Q: Do you think the pre-season is too long? Do you like four games?

HALEY: "I think if you ask most coaches you’d like to have as many games as you can get. Now, the players are going to have a different answer. As far as I’m concerned, the more practice we can get the better."

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