Flyin' under the Radar


Tomahawk Missile in Wikipedia

Think the white 'n' red color scheme is mere coincidence?

I think not.

The Tomahawk is an unremarkable looking missile, especially if you look at it next to an ICBM like the MX missile Mxmissile_medium

or even the Nazi V2 rocket from WWII. 49652623_medium

Treetoplevel_mediumBut it packs a whallop, and it flies under the radar.

It's a NATURAL, folks. The planets are in alignment, and the symbol for this year's Chiefs is the Tomahawk Missile. We won't be a Bolt from the Blue! No. HELL No! We're comin' in at treetop level, people!

It's no accident that the FIRST Tomahawk image I found and the FIRST treetop chopper image both came in Chiefs colors. It is clear that the universe is quietly telling us, with the no-nonsense moves Pioli has made and the smart, no-nonsense coaching the players are receiving from Haley is creating exactly the team we want to see:

  • tough
  • smart
  • strong
  • fast
  • well-conditioned

Inspiration for this FanPost was drawn from LarryDoggyDog's comment in response to Matt's "Chiefs Have No Blue Chip Players?" article. Larry lists the kinds of moves Pioli made in his first few months, and it's not too glamorous-looking. Cassel might be a blue-chipper in the future, but most non Chiefs fans will probably argue with you if you say Cassel is a blue chip player, today.

But does that mean that the Chiefs aren't rapidly evolving into a blue chip squad? I think not.

I think this team is going to win at home and steal a few on the road, like Haley said in an unguarded moment earlier this year. Some of those home wins are going to look like steals, because the Chiefs are going to be very opportunistic, and play the game the way it oughta be played.

During OTAs, I voiced concerns similar to those recently voiced by Jamie Dukes:

However, I have a concern about Haley’s temperament. Forget the well-documented riff with Anquan Boldin; I have never been comfortable with the verbal spats on the sideline with Kurt Warner. There have been other incidents, which included a verbal run-in with T.O. in Dallas. Haley is a volatile coach. Players respect a coach’s consistency and will rebel against moody coaches. More importantly, players loath(e) a coach who embarrasses them.
(from Dukes' article on

But it really sounds like Haley has players buying in, and as big a pain in the ass as "touchin' the fence" is, it's a punishment that is invariably applied to all who commit errors. There's a definite tough but fair message being sent, and if you don't screw up, you're not touchin' the fence. As more and more players take it on themselves to head to the fence without being told, Haley has less and less to scream about (or something else to scream about, that's a little farther down the developmental path).

At worst, Dukes should have Haley's fire in the "Things I'm not sure about" category, because he clearly hasn't been watching Haley very closely. And I think that's pretty much what's happening with most of the pundits who haven't been to River Falls, themselves, and a few who have. Dukes is coming from the perspective of a player, who dreaded humiliation and missing the point that the coach is looking for somebody who will be reliable (or even exceptional) on the field in front of 70,000 screaming fans in the stands and millions more watching on t.v.

Jacksontyson_mediumIf you're gonna harbor hard feelings about a tongue-lashing on the practice field, it better not show up in your game. If it does, you're done as a Chief, or on your way down the depth chart. If it doesn't, then you can remain a Chief, and your hard feelings are your problem. So get over yer damn self, Dukes. Haley will take his foot off their necks, as appropriate.

Anyhoo, great idea for a fun FanPost to write, but it's kinda peterin' out. Kinda meandered a bit, and failed to tie things back with the under-the-radar thing. How much was I gettin' paid for this? What?! Where's the damn Publish button? I THINK I'm up to 75 words. 75 words. 75 words.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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