Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/13



"Being a veteran doesn’t mean you can’t get better," Page said. "It just means that you’ve seen some things. I feel I’ve seen a lot of things and I feel I’m a really good student of the game. I feel I understand offensive schemes and I understand why Clancy wants us to do certain things out there. It’s my job to get other guys on board with that. Sometimes the younger guys don’t understand. I need to show them.

"That’s what a veteran does."

Chiefs Safeties are Ready to Take it Up a Notch from the KC Star

Photos of Wednesday's Chiefs Practices in River Falls, Wis. from the KC Star

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Hali hasn’t spoken to reporters during training camp, saying he’s waiting until the season starts. But Haley said he has seen enough from Hali to know that his work ethic wasn’t dampened.

"A hungry kid that wants to be really good," Haley said. "There isn’t a time that you don’t see him working.

Chiefs Camp Buzz: Hali Making Progress from KC Star

OLB Mike Vrabel, who is a member of the NFLPA’s executive committee was asked what the union leader would have told the team if given a chance to speak to them as a group.

"Just be one team," Vrabel said is the message. "We are 32 teams in this league, but as players we are one team. We have to stay together. If we split the other side will win.

"Right now, that’s the unfortunate side of our business. There are owners and there is everybody else. We are everybody else and we need to stick together."

Northwoods Labor Talk … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

We’re almost done with our series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the AFL. Finishing up the defensive side of the ball, here are my picks for the Chiefs All-50 team at safety.

Kansas City Chiefs All-50 team: Safeties from the Examiner

5. Turk McBride: Nobody was effected as much by the switch to the 3-4 defense as McBride, former second round pick who was drafted as a DT/DE has been moved to OLB. All reports out of training camp say McBride has been slow to pick up his new position. McBride is barely clinging on to his roster spot and will need a impressive preseason to keep it, keep a eye on McBride to see if he is able to make any plays from the OLB position as the Chiefs may be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole with this one.

Five Players to Watch Chiefs vs. Texans from Chiefs Gab

Icy Issue: Can Scott Pioli, Todd Haley and Matt Cassel inject new life in the moribund Kansas City offense and turn around the organization? Icier Answer: Perhaps … but all three still have a lot to prove. The Iciest Issues in Training Camp: AFC Edition from ColdHardFootballFacts

But what about Thigpen? What about the guy that dominated down the stretch? What about Tyler Thigpen? If you look back at last season’s stats, you will see two new teammates ranked 2nd and 3rd amongst quarterbacks during last season’s second half. That’s right, you guessed it, Tyler Thigpen is number 2 and Matt Cassell was number 3. That Top 5 list looks like this… Drew Brees, Thigpen, Cassel, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers.

Wing Man!: Not Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick from Lucky Lester Sports Predictions (really)

Player Tweets

Fryar34 First preseason game this sat in KC bs the Houston Texans! Let's have this hard work pay off! Go Chiefs!

almighty31 eatin crab legs after practice. is that good? lol gotta enjoy it while i can.

BFlowers24 Sorry Twitter I've been exhausted with Camp...Thanks for all the luv..Counting Down to kick off Sat vs. Houston and my tech boyz X and DB

priestholmes can anyone see me broadcasting on a regular basis. We broadcasted a Cowboys camp practice.

almighty31 time for bed but aint sleepy. body is tired as ever. ice tubs aint workin. lol

Fan Tweets

keesakeehitin: You're right, I gotta see 'em. It's been eight months, I'm dying to see my beloved Chiefs. Hopefully she won't mind fifteen minutes. :x

broncosmontana: Props to Chiefs fans on Arrowhead Pride for their wonderful dissing of Dukes. My favorite (smartest and least detested) division rivals.

bkoo: the bengals look like ass on Hard Knocks. Every aspect ( ownership, front office, coaching) they looked worse than the cowboys AND chiefs

MrLochness5: is ready for football in "The home of the... CHIEFS!!!!!!" The Best Fans in the world are ready 2 fill the RED SEA for 09!

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