Chiefs' Haley Talks Hot Weather, Receivers and Injuries


via UWRF


Kansas City head coach Todd Haley met with reporters following today's practice.  The Chiefs had one practice today.  You can find that update here.

Haley covered a variety of topics on the "warmest one-a-day" the Chiefs have had since they began the trek up to River Falls, WI.  He talked about the receivers, lack of injuries, preseason and veterans. 

He referenced Terrance Copper and Rodney Wright by name when asked who was stepping up from the group of receivers.  Citing specific players' names usually isn't his forte so this is good news for those two.

After the jump, I've included a few of the highlights and a pretty cool photo montage (courtesy of the UW-RF staff) of a nice looking catch by Wright.  Video and a full transcript is available at the Mothership.

Q: Do you use depth chart placement as a tool to get players fired up?

HALEY: "I am in a different position now. When I was a position coach I used to tell guys that I would do everything I can to get them out of here if you are not doing it this way. Obviously as a position coach I wasn’t making the final decision, but occasionally I’d be able to get done what I wanted done and the rest of the group would take notice. Now that I am the head coach, obviously I have a little more say in these things. It’s not a threat, it’s more that we are going to do it with the guys that do it our way and that is what we are looking for."

Q: Who is impressing you from the WR group?

HALEY: "Terrance Copper is a guy that you know you are going to get a good days work from everyday. Terrance Copper impresses me. Rodney Wright is coming from a long way off and it has been a little while, but he has worked hard every day. Has he been perfect? No, but I think he has made strides. I think you can clearly see a guy like Amani Toomer come in and he understands what it takes to play in the league. Same with Bobby Engram. I would say in talking about the group, those particular guys have stood out to me as guys who are trying to do it the way we want it done every day."

Q: Is it significant to only have five guys working out of pads?

HALEY: "Yeah. To make this team you have to be on the field in general and that is a good sign when that group is getting smaller and smaller. Throughout the season it will be the same memo from us, to play you have to practice and that is the way we are going to handle our business and that is the way I have had success doing it. I like that the group is getting smaller and we have LB Demorrio Williams fighting back to get on the field and he was out there today. From what I could tell it looked like he showed up a handful of times so I thought that was good."

Q: What is your philosophy for the preseason?

HALEY: "I think winning has got to be important around here all the time because we need to learn how to win again. That will be something an emphasis will be put on but at the same time, the most important thing that has to get done is evaluation. While we want to win, we have to do it with whatever group we need in there to get a full evaluation of the team."


Thigpen drops back to pass....


Wright makes a leaping grab...


In traffic...


Still has it...


Coming down with it...


Turns and faces the defenders...


Get ready for it...


Splits the defenders for six (in a non-contact drill)!
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