Notes from Tweety Pie...err Babb


I was just reviewing some of the tweets that Babb put out during practices yesterday and found some interesting things.  It is really hard to get a feel for just how things are going in camp.  We have multiple sources, but only get little blurbs about either really good plays or really bad plays.  I can't wait to see the game Saturday to see for myself how guys are playing.  But anyway, in case you haven't combed through the tweets, here are some choice ones and a few comments to boot.

kb_kcstar: The QBs had an awful afternoon practice. Maybe six picks. Yep, Todd Haley made all four of them run afterward.

Love it...glad to see these guys aren't immune from the run treatment.  I know the D is ahead of O at this time, but we need to get the INTs and the drops down.

kb_kcstar: This isn't fair, but I couldn't help thinking about Cassel's contract when he kept throwing picks. Gonna be a lot of pressure on that guy.

Anytime you pay a guy a bunch of money the media will make a big deal of it and put extra pressure on.  This will be true with Dorsey and Jackson as well, just because of high profile.  I hope the players just go out and play.

kb_kcstar: #Chiefs coach Todd Haley continues to emphasize concentration. He got on Larry Johnson after a dropped pass today. This is becoming chronic

Well it's hard to say from that if it is becoming chronic for Johnson, for the team, or if it's Haley stressing it.  This is one of the problems with one-liners.  Doesn't really tell you much.

kb_kcstar: The good news is that the defense caused most of those mistakes. The OLBs are looking good. The pocket kept collapsing, and QBs panicked

To me this sounds like good news.  After last year's defensive debacle to hear the LBs are looking good is music to my ears.  And the INTs are partially a result of being hurried.  Doesn't say much for our O-line though.

kb_kcstar: Haley to his offense: "You gonna keep letting the defense kick your (bleep) up and down the field?" The next two plays went for passing TDs.

Well at least the O can step up when coach makes a challenge to them.  Also music to my camp goes on I expect to see the O gel a little and start to make more plays against the D.  Can't wait to see how they do against a good D-line this Saturday.

kb_kcstar: The threat of running seems to be working. I have noticed far fewer false starts and offsides penalties the last few days.

Ah, I like to see that the methods begin to bear fruit.  If we can keep penalties to a minimun it will go a long way to sustaining drives on O and not giving up silly things on D.

kb_kcstar: @JeffHaseley: I think Engram could be a solid No. 3 receiver. He has improved in the last week, and I think Toomer's presence is a reason.

Once again, it is so hard to get a feel for what is really going on.  We hear about drops but we don't get to hear about the play after play of consistency.  I guess seeing will be believing when the games start.

kb_kcstar: I'm hesitant yet on Zach Thomas and how he'll stand up to the whole season. He's a big part of the LB corps, and he's aged and dinged up.

There is some cause for concern here.  He has been missing a good bit of practice time, but I'm not that worried.  After Haley's comments yesterday about how well Corey Mays is filling in for Zach, I think we will be OK.  Zach will still provide a lot of leadership and Mays can take some of the playing time off of him so that he will last for the season.  I almost begin to feel warm and fuzzzy.  Almost.

Well, that is the extent of what I found looking through the tweets.  Once again, it's hard to get a real feel for what is happening.  One thing I really like is when an APer gives us a report from camp.  Seems like we get a better overall impression that way than just hearing what the blurbs are about guys.  Well...another day on tap now!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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