Chiefs News from the Overnight 8/11



The above image of Arrowhead is just to remind everyone where the team will be this weekend. Game Day is on the way!

It was yet another in a series of injuries that include a separated shoulder in last season’s opener in New England.

“I knew right away,” Croyle said. “As soon as it happened, it was just one of those ‘I cannot believe this is happening’ moments. I had the separated shoulder, and I had just got back out there and was playing well. Then, just like that …

“It seems like I’ve had a streak of those moments put together here. You just keep plugging along.”

Chiefs QB Croyle Glad to Get Back to Playing After Injury from the KC Star

The KC Star photo gallery: Monday's Chiefs practice in River Falls, WI

Be sure to check out hte Mothership for the 'Camping With the Chiefs' and 'Camp Life' videos they produce.

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Chiefs coach Todd Haley hasn’t shown much patience for mistakes during the team’s first 10 days of training camp, and the field-goal unit tested him again Monday morning. Haley responded by screaming about yet another mental miscue.

Chiefs Camp Buzz: Haley Unhappy With Mental Mistakes from the KC Star

Thigpen also knows the role of backup is important. The former Chanticleer started last season as a third stringer, but eventually started several games after injuries to the players in front of him.

"Being the second string, you're one play away; third string you're two plays away," said Thigpen. "I witnessed that last year, you always have to be ready."

Thigpen Still Working Hard as Backup from WMBF News

Other possibilities could be San Diego’s Billy Volek or Kansas City’s Tyler Thigpen. Although Thigpen is young and he didn’t win with the Chiefs last year, he is a mobile quarterback who showed a lot of promise in throwing 17 touchdown passes in his 11 starts.

Do the Jets Still Need a Veteran Backup QB? From the NY Times

Now, Quinn, the former Chief, Bear and Jacksonville Jaguar, inherits a team that steamrolled through the regular season, going 10-0 and winning the Heart of America Athletic Conference last year, before losing in the opening round of the NAIA playoffs at home against Langston University (Okla.).

Former Chiefs QB Quinn Ready to Coach Football Power MidAmerica Nazarene from the KC Star

Player Tweets...

superdj56 sorry everybody i been busting my tail on the field with the team. everytime i get to my room i go straight to sleep, but im better now. :)

almighty31 got a good 2 practices in for today. now some red lobster. maybe pasta wit some shrimp.

almighty31 layin it down for the nite. on that note. give thanks for the wake up call he givs us.

Media and Fans...

kb_kcstar I'm hesitant yet on Zach Thomas and how he'll stand up to the whole season. He's a big part of the LB corps, and he's aged and dinged up.

SI_PeterKing Very cool to meet Frank Herrmann and Jack Cassel of the Columbus Clippers afterward. Yes, Matt's older bro, a Clip reliever.

Robbie_Bennett: @Donny_Moore Chiefs' secondary is much better than what u rated them as well.I assume there will be roster updates upon release?I beg you

Chiefs__News: Dwayne Bowe / Bowe is listed as a third-team receiver on the Chiefs' first official depth chart, the Kansas #NFL #KC

That last one is from a Fantasy site, but I don't see an offical roster on the Mothership. Mother ship has the Official Depth Chart up, and Bowe is in the dog house.

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