Alternate take on QB arrangement

Croyle's got a big arm, Thigpen's got quick feet. Croyle is more accurate, Thigpen is much tougher. Cassel is going to start but who will back him up?


There are legitimate arguments in favor of both Thiggy and Croyle. Rather than call one better than the other, I see them as polar opposites that average out to about equal. My suggestion is to actually use them that way.


We can't technically suit up two guys as the no. 2 QB. Since Croyle is a more 'conventional' backup and Thigpen can be weaponized in a miltitude of different ways, we have to ask which hierarchy accommodates that best.

1. Cassel

2. Thigpen

3. Croyle


There is silly regulation regarding QBs that states that once your no. 3 guy takes a snap, any QB who precedes him cannot play again that game. This is really what is forcing Thigpen into the no. 2 slot under my proposal. I think Chan Gailey, charismatic play caller that he is, secretly wants to have Thigpen in his arsenal to use for various confusion plays. Since Thigpen could not be tossed in for a trick play here and there if he is listed as the no. 3, then he must be listed as no. 2 to be able to fill this role. Now, if Cassel were injured to the point he had to sit out a game, Croyle can be put in his stead until he can take back over. If that circumstance occurs, Thigpen is barred from returning to that game as well so if Croyle also becomes injured, an emergency player would have to fill in for the remainder of the game; This would probably be Mark Bradley. The following week Thigpen could start if Cassel were not yet ready to do so.

Even though the depth chart places Thigpen over Croyle, they are really serving as role players.

Cassel - Starter

Thigpen - Utility/Emergency  Croyle - Stand in/ Backup


This prevents Croyle from being the last resort, which I feel is very dangerous given his injury history while also allowing Thigpen's unique skill set to be taken advantage of.


Genius or Rediculous?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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