Previewing the Kansas City Chiefs 2009 Schedule: Week 4


I have to say that one of the best parts about working for SB Nation is that we get to interact with some of the top sports bloggers in the entire blogosphere.

Our NY Giants blog Big Blue View, run by Ed, is no exception. Ed took some time to talk recently with us about the Chiefs' matchup with the Giants in Week 4 of the upcoming season.

After the jump, he answers a few of our questions. Let us know what you think about the Giants/Chiefs matchup in the comments.

What would be the best way for the Chiefs to win this game (basically what is your biggest weakness)?

Well, what everyone is going to do -- until the Giants prove they can beat it -- is stuff 8 men in the box and make Eli Manning and the Giants wide receivers prove they can make plays down the field. By Week 4, I figure teams will start backing off when they realize the Giants may not have a super star wideout, but they have lots of speed out there. Offensively, you better hope you can run the ball. If you get in passing situations and let that front seven tee off you are in a lot of trouble.

How much will the loss of Plaxico over the course of a 16 game schedule hurt Eli Manning and the offense?

That's the big question. There is no way to answer it right now until the team gets on the field. Some stats actually indicate the Giants were better without Plax, but I'm not buying it. In the playoff game against the Eagles the Giants could not make a big play on the outside, and the Eagles stacked the line of scrimmage. With Hakeem Nicks (first round) and Ramses Barden (3rd round), plus last year's No. 3 pick Mario Manningham there is a ton of talent at wide receiver. We just have to see who steps up, and how the Giants adjust their passing attack.

Would it be accurate to say that the Giants will only go as far as the running game will take them or is that discrediting Eli Manning too much?

I think, in all honesty, the Giants go as far as their defense takes them. They added two new defensive tackles (Chris Canty, Rocky Bernard), two linebackers (Michael Boley, Clint Sintim) and they get Osi Umenyiora back. They should be absolutely dominant defensively. If thiey aren't, they won't win another Super Bowl. And yes, this team has its eyes on nothing less. As for Eli, I think it is up to him to take that final step and begin to make his receivers better. It's a young group, though talented, and they will need Eli to be sharp. Eli will never be a sexy guy who puts up big numbers, but he is a winner. His occasional failings make us nuts in New York, but we know we can win with him. We have done it before, and I think we will again before he is done.

Prediction: 21-10 Giants


Many thanks to Ed for taking time out to answer our questions. Mid-summer predictions on how the Chiefs will fare against the Giants?

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