One Day to Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp


via UW-RF

Last night I attended the Chiefs Cheerleaders Calendar premiere party at McCoy's in Westport.  First, we've got some good cheerleaders.  They were jazzed to be there and excited to show off the new calendar.  Second, if any girls were in the crowd, it was because they were friends with the cheerleaders.

At one point, the cheerleaders got everyone pumped for the season by leading the crowd in Gary Glitter's 'Rock and Roll #2'.  You know, the one where we yell HEY! after a touchdown.

"We're gonna beat the hell outta, you, you, you!"

That got me very amped up for the season.  It was definitely a lot of fun.

This Friday, I hope some of you based in Kansas City are planning on attending the Derrick Thomas celebration at the City Market.  I'll be there and you should too.  If you can't, I'll snap some photos to post on the site next week.

TE Jake O'Connell pushing for the starting job

Jake O'Connell spoke with Adam Fisher of the Naples News recently and indicated what we all knew: There's not much experience at tight end and the starter's job is wide open.  He said the competition in camp is "wide open" right now but that figures to change in camp.

I’m real confident.  Minicamp was good, and I’ve just been working out up here (in Kansas City) since then. I’m just trying to learn and see what happens."

Bob Gretz predicts O'Connell to be one of three, maybe four, tight ends the Chiefs keep on the roster.  How much playing time he gets won't be determined until training camp and preseason games.

Welcoming you to River Falls

The practice fields are already marked and ready for 80 pairs of cleats to take to them with a fresh coat of paint and manicured grass. Trainer’s tents are erected behind the middle practice field. Orange scissor lifts sit parked near the storage shed of the Hunt-Knowles Complex where the team’s locker, training and weight rooms are housed. Those lifts are ready to launch the video cameras that will serve as extra eyes, recording the players' performance to be reviewed in the film room.

Good read from Shawna Carpentier, WPI training camp correspondent.  Welcome to the Chiefs blogosphere, Shawna!

Image of the day


via Chiefs Planet

Nice find at the mothership from Vegas Dave over at Chiefs Planet and no thank you to the game rewind!

Tweet of the day

@remka: Funny how Larry Johnson website ( ) is a total rip-off of Kanye West's one ( ).

Weird.  They are the same.  And LJ said he saw Kanye last weekend and was "politickin'".

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