Two Days to Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp

(2008) The Chiefs received their cleats on the first day of practice (via

So, who's lying?

Pro Football Talk is tallying the Anti-Vick List and so far more than half the league is on it, including previously perceived likely landing spots San Francisco, Oakland, St. Louis and Jacksonville.  One of the teams that has said no is likely not telling the truth.  Vick's agent Joel Segal told ESPN's John Clayton the phones were ringing.  

Not only did a Chiefs spokesperson give no interest in Vick back in May, Scott Pioli again said no while making the rounds on TWO radio stations yesterday morning.

That's right, Mr. Pioli is getting out and about in the media.  Notables coming out of the interview include Pioli indicating he and Tyson Jackson's agent, Eugene Parker, are still talking and everyone in the organization is hoping and counting on Jackson to be there.

Chiefs boot Barth

While doing my rounds of obsessively checking Chiefs news, I came across the Chiefs two-sentence release on the team waiving Connor Barth.  Whatever you may think of incumbent Barth and newcomer Ryan Succop, it's hard to like this move.

Creating competition and putting kickers under pressure during training camp is a great exercise.  Remember the last rookie kicker who went into training camp unrivaled?  Hint: He's 10/10 in the CFL now.

I just don't understand making this move now.  Yes, the Chiefs were in the position of having to cut two players if they wanted to sign all the draft picks.  But is a fifth safety more important than a kicker, who is many times your leading scorer?  I know the difference between top tier and bottom tier kickers isn't much but this competition should have lingered on into training camp.

Just my two cents.  Definitely check out this thread on Barth's departure.  Lots of great discussion from both sides.  Reminds me why I love this place so much.

Is he really gone?

Brett Favre told Vikings head coach Brad Childress he will stay retired.  I think Bob Gretz summed up my feelings on this right here:

At least for now; I put the over-under at August 1; that’s when it will become public that Favre is having second thoughts about this decision. We have not heard the last of Favre. He won’t go quietly and more importantly the media types won’t let him go without a few more shouts and reports. I think ESPN may have to lay off about a dozen people if they don’t have the Favre story to cover anymore.

Fool me once...

Pioli lightening up with the media

A Monday interview on ESPN radio, Tuesday morning interview with 610 Sports, late Tuesday morning interview with 810 WHB, and a Wednesday morning appearance on 101.1 The Fox.  How did Pioli and Co. go from super secretive to opening up like a 14 year old girl on the radio with Hannah Montana? Okay, maybe it wasn't that extreme.

But we did see Pioli talking to the media more and more the past few days.  Just to squash something real quick....I saw a few people say this is a good sign as far as getting Tyson Jackson signed because Pioli wouldn't be spending time doing media stuff if he still had work to do.  

Sorry. Not buying it.  Those interviews took up less than an hour of his time.  The Jackson contract talks are still ongoing whether Pioli's doing an interview or not.

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