Herm Edwards Talks Training Camp


What's Herm pointing at? (via UWRF)


Former Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards caught up with the Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio yesterday.  The conversation started in typical Herm style as he commented on what former lineman Mike Golic was wearing.

"He's a lineman.  Look how he dresses.  He's got the double t-shirts on!"

Does anyone else think Herm would be far and away the best 'Caption this' participant Arrowhead Pride has even seen?  Take a look at a few things Herm talked about including Dick Vermeil and Carl Peterson.

On his experience of training camp under Dick Vermeil:

We had coach Vermeil so that was more of a training camp. That was real football.  24 hours a day it seemed like.  When we went to training camp there were 125 guys. 

So, Dick made a point early, the first day, of really having conditional drills. He would kill about 15 guys. Guys would end up quitting before they even got the pads on. He would run them to death. You would kinda watch them fall out. Veteran guys would kinda sit back and take bets on guys saying they wouldn't make it.  At the end of the day you're betting a pie alamo a la mode of guys that wouldn't make it.

Carl Peterson...the enforcer

And sure enough, Dick would say 'Get them out'.  And Carl Peterson was the turk.  When guys would fall off, Dick would yell out 'Carl get them on a plane and get them out of here'.  So we would make bets on that. But the biggest thiing about trianing camp for rookies was trying to dodge the veterans because you knew you were going to have to sing.  You were horrified having to sing. 

Difference in training camp then and now:

It was a whole different culture then. It was kind of your initiation of being on the football team. You look forward to it but you really don't like it.  That and the talent shows you would have.  I think training camp was a bonding situation for the most part because you were there for six weeks. It was real training camp with football pads on.  Now,  you're practicing for two weeks and you're playing in your first preseason game.

On fighting for your job:

With the practice squad players, they're probably going to be admitted to your practice squad team.

Basically those kids that get drafted now, you're going to give them a year or so to develop. You have a practice squad so you can put them on a practice squad.  Back in the day when we played it was no holds barred. You got cut.  That's how it worked.

On training camp and younger players:

I think how the game has changed, how the players have changed and how the offseason program is all of a sudden year round anymore. You don't have as many players. All of a sudden you're worried about keeping your star players and your starters ready for the season.  You gotta get them ready to participate in the season. You dont want to beat them up in training camp then all of a sudden opening day you have three or four starters hurt because of what you've done in training camp.

I think training camp anymore is you find out about guys you don't know and how physical they'll be.  Your system is already in because of the offseason so you're way ahead. The only thing you really don't know is the players you acquire in the draft and free agents, you don't know how physically tough they are. That's what you want to find out but other than that bascially everything is already installed by training camp.

On conducting a lighter training camp as a coach:

That's the whole key.  You dont take 125 guys anymore.  That's an issue  You take three or four quarterbacks, and two or three kickers and all of a sudden that roster is dwindling down pretty thin. All of a sudden a couple injuries and you're looking at practice and you can't get a lot done today because you have a couple lineman hurt, defensive linemen, so you're very particular on how you do things.

On reducing preseason, extending regular season:

I think so. Players and coaches are prepared. When you really look at the preseason, a veteran football player is  is probably going to play one game total.  The first game will be about 15 snaps, some don't even play. Second game you'll probably play some more. Third game is the game wehre you'll take them out of halftime and play a little more.  But it's really for the rookies and the free agent players.

On the feelings of losing a quarterback in preseason:

The first thing you're hoping is that it's not so bad where he's gonna miss games.  If he's gonna miss some, you'd rather him miss them early rather than late.  Because in the NFL, when you think about it, it's from November down. You got about ten games left.  You kinda know who you are as a football team. That's when you're going to make your run if you're going to make the playoffs and win your division.  The first games, you'd like to win early.  It always helps to have some games in the bank, but when you hit November that's when you find out about your football team and hit your stride.  So hopefully he can get back by then if you lose one.

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