Three Days to Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp


Carry my stuff, rookie (via UWRF)


"The Chiefs have no comment regarding Michael Vick.  They haven't given any thought to it.  They don't want to be involved in any conversation about Michael Vick."

Above is a statement from a Chiefs spokesperson given to the National Football Post back in May.  The assumption is that this is still true and the Chiefs will have no part in the Vick sweepstakes. 

Besides, we've already got a Vick-esque quarterback in Tyler Thigpen.

Thigpen is a more accurate passer while Vick's completion percentage declined his last three full years in the league.  The turnovers are also a concern.  Vick fumbled 16, 11 and 9 times in his final three ful seasons.  He was sacked 46, 33 and 45 times in final full three seasons.

While Vick can certainly be considered a better quarterback than Thigpen, it's not by much.  Especially after two years off of football.  And especially when you look at what each brings to the locker room.

Click 'continue reading' to find out how many millions the Chiefs are under the salary cap and what they have to spend in order to meet the league minimum requirements.   Hint: It's a lot.

Chiefs are $30 million under the salary cap

Courtesy of Bill Williamson at, the Kansas City Chiefs are $30.16 million under the salary cap with the release of the latest figures following the Matt Cassel contract extension. 

$30.16 million. Wow.  I understand being under the cap affords us some luxuries later in the season if a certain player becomes available (Scott Pioli used the Dolphins getting Chad Pennington last season as an example) but it's getting to the point where you have to look around and say, 'How are the Chiefs going to spend this money?' 

According to NFL rules, the Chiefs must spend about 86.4% of the total salary cap to meet the league minimum requirements.  That's the least we can spend.

And we're still over $12 million away from that number

Handi-capping Vick's next move

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times lays out his top eight places Vick could land:

New England, Miami, Oakland, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Cincinnati, San Francisco and Washington.

I would slide Washington up closer to the front and move Miami to the back.  The Dolphins have Pat White and the Redskins went after several other quarterbacks this offseason so why not Vick?  He could come in on a one year deal and if Jason Campbell struggles then you slide Vick right in to be the starter after '09.

More trouble with the Broncos

The McDaniels hire. The Cutler trade. The Marshall situation.  The hits keep on coming.  According to the Denver Post, first round pick Knowshown Moreno and the Broncos are "far off" in negotiations. 

The Broncos and Knowshon Moreno were so far away from an agreement Sunday afternoon, one NFL source said there was "no way" the rookie running back from Georgia would show up today for the unofficial start of training camp.

Moreno did not report with the rest of the rookies yesterday because a deal isn't done.  This is a huge deal, at least because of his position.  Running back is a relatively easy position to understand and play well in early years.

Tweet of the day from @kellyurich:

Wouldn't it be cool if the Chiefs signed Michael Vick to a 3 year be KC Wolf?

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