Who Are The Future Chiefs Hall of Famers?

While winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate team accomplishment and something we hope the Chiefs are able to attain, it's the Hall of Fame that remains the greatest individual achievement for each and every NFL player. With all of the current focus on Derrick Thomas and the upcoming entry to the prestigious group, it begs the question of who is currently in the NFL who will be joining DT via future enshrinement.

Specifically, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at our current roster and ask the bold question: Are there any current Chiefs who will eventually find themselves holding company with the greatest players ever to walk upon the field? With a 2-14 season behind them, this group hardly seems the proper team to ask about. Yet there might be some surprises with our current roster make-up. Below is my attempt to at least throw some names out for consideration:

Branden Albert - In a time in the NFL when the hero worship extends from the QB to the Left Tackle position, Albert really has a chance to establish long-term domination at a key time in NFL history. In some cases, it's being at the right position at the right time where the rigors of protecting the blind side are properly highlighted. Yet on the other side, it's also about Albert's ability to handle any and all opponents on the defensive line. This year's schedule featuring the D-lines of the NFC East should reveal Albert's chances to take over early in his career.

Dwayne Bowe -
Everyone agrees Bowe holds a couple strong seasons under his belt, but the word 'special' hasn't yet applied itself. This will be difficult to achieve in a time where older star receivers like Hines Ward, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens still get the spotlight and newer stars are emerging as the best in the NFL with Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson catching the ball. Still there's always room for more if Bowe and Matt Cassel can establish a true chemistry on the field.

Glenn Dorsey - Yeah, yeah, I know. It's early. Not even early. It's almost ridiculous to write this here. After all, conversations have been about how well he fits on the team, not about the hidden greatness. But a year ago it was all cheers for a reason, since Dorsey's talent seemed limitless at the time. Regardless of schemes, you can't deny that Dorsey enjoyed as fine a rookie season as some of the best d-linemen in recent history and it's experience in this league that eventually reveals the best. So as far as I'm concerned, Dorsey can be as great as he wants to be, whether in the 3-4, the 4-3 or the 6-1.

Brandon Flowers - Had to go for a total stretch with one of these (okay, maybe two with Dorsey). But the first-year corner more than held his own for most of the season, displaying why most pundits thought the Chiefs got a true steal with this second round pick. His 91 yard return for a TD instantly set Flowers apart in his rookie season and gave fans great hopes for things to come. Here's hoping the Chiefs unearthed one of the NFL's greatest.

Zach Thomas - It's almost too bad he certainly won't get in the Hall as a Chief, because Thomas' future is definitely enshrinement. With more tackles than any Hall of Fame linebacker (although other active LBers like Ray Lewis have more) and 7 Pro Bowl seasons, Thomas has been a man among boys for some time now.

Brian Waters - His strong philanthropic work off the field will only bolster his incredible on the field credentials. Even after other HoF candidates like Will Shields and Willie Roaf retired, Waters continued to dominate the guard position. With four Pro Bowls and two All-Pro campaigns under his belt, he has the foundation to merit at least strong consideration for the Hall.

Do you agree or disagree? Have any other players worth throwing in? Perhaps Monty Beisel or Demorrio Williams

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