Four Days to Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp


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Is it just me or does it seem the Kansas City Chiefs do a better job than any other team getting players into the community?  Just about every day there's a snippet of a Chiefs player appearing here or the Rookie Club heads to a children's hospital.

I'm certainly not an expert on the Chiefs prior to the Carl Peterson regime because of my age but I think a lot of credit goes to him for making this a responsbility bestowed upon the Chiefs player.  Credit the Chiefs players for accepting the challenge and credit Scott Pioli for continuing it.

Around the time the season starts, we'll have a list of all the charitable activities the Chiefs have been involved in this offseason.  Let me tell you, that's going to be one LONG list.

Chiefs doing three year deals for second day picks

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk noted that the Chiefs are one of five teams who have been doing three year contracts for their second day picks instead of the more popular four year contracts.  This is interesting on a number of levels.

Pioli's former partner Bill Belichick always does four year contracts for the second day picks because it's cheaper in the long run if the pick works out.  That added year keeps the player on the team under the cheaper rookie contract.  

The added signing bonus money isn't much.  Once Quinten Lawrence signs, the Chiefs 4th-7th round picks will have saved them between $100,000-$150,000 in signing bonus money by knocking off the final year.  If 3rd rounder Alex Magee commits to only three years as well, the team will save in the neighborhood of $200,000-$250,000.

It's a note-worthy move on Pioli's part.  Why only three years?  The number one goal of NFL players is to hit free agency, where the big money is doled out.  Three year deals will get the player there one year quicker thus possibily costing the Chiefs a little extra money.

Floor, ceilling set for two Chiefs draft picks

The players selected before and after 3rd round pick Magee and 6th round pick Quinten Lawrence have been set.  There's more money involed in the Magee deal so more wiggle room on each side.  This make take a little longer.  Tom Brandstater, picked one spot ahead of Lawrence, just inked a deal today so we should be reeling the former McNeese State star in soon. 

There's no ceiling or floor set on 4th round pick Donald Washington's contract so he may not be signed right away.

1st round pick Tyson Jackson is dealing with the quarterback premium.  The 1st and 5th round picks, both quarterbacks, have signed and the player selected in his spot last year, Matt Ryan, is also a quarterback.

Pioli a money saver?

Scott Pioli's been noted for his prowess of knowing when and how much to give to certain players.  He's not big on breaking the bank for one player on a team.

Interesting, however, after Jackson signs, Pioli will have committed the two largest contracts in Chiefs history (Jackson and Cassel).  H/T Bob Gretz for that tidbit.

Let's talk about Brett Favre going to the Minnesota Vikings

Just kidding.

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