Chiefs NT Tank Tyler: 'Why wait? We have to aim high'


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Tank Tyler was an in studio guest of What's Wright with Nick Wright on 610 Sports last week.  Tank talked about giving back to the community, the 'Back to Camp' party at the Jones Pool in the Power and Light district (Last night), being a nose tackle and where he's at in his career.

Tank covered a lot of topics on the football side but he also talked about what he's doing in the community.  He calls his visits to Operation Breakthrough "amazing" and showed his business side with Tyler Boy Records.

Click here to listen to the interview courtesy of or click 'continue reading' to read parts of the interview.

Spot opens playing some of Tank's music...

On his music (Check it out at Tyler Boy Records!  Music plays automatically)

I got the album finished.  I was shooting a little test video so I might finish that up.  Just making it the best thing possible and then putting the music aside right now.

Newest member of Tyler Boy management:

I just signed my new 13 year old artist through Nickelodeon. So that's a big plus for me.  I got that deal done. I had to get that done before the season starts.  So that was very important.

She signed with Tyler Boy management. I also have a management company. She just recently signed through Nickelodeon. She's an actress, singer, writer and writes cartoons.  She's gonna be the next big thing.  She's basically going to my little Hannah Montana.

On giving back to the community:

It's all about seeing kids succeed and helping them be succesful. That's a real important part of what I'm trying to do.  Just letting them know that they have a father figure and a male role model in their lives.

Feelings going into training camp:

Man, we're excited.  It feels like the season last year just ended because we're coming off a losing season and we still have that taste in our mouth.  So we're eager to get on the field and do our best to try and have a great season this year.

Mindset this year versus last year:

I think the biggest feeling for me and a lot of my teammates is that we can't go through what we went through last year. We're doing that extra rep on the bench, running that extra 300 right now to get in the best shape possible and dominate this season.  We can't have what we had last season.

On his weight:

(Last year) I ended up at like 312.  I'm 305 right now.

What did you do different in terms of getting in shape?

Well ,a lot more cardio.  I want to be in the best shape possible and run to the football. It's a lot more running required from the coaches.  It's a good thing we have a running test coming up as soon as we get to camp. We're gonna have gassers after and before practice.  Probably pursuit drills during practice. It's the best idea to get in the best shape possible right now.  And that's what we're mostly focused on. And just training to be powerful especially with that nose technique.

What are you doing exactly as the nose tackle?

I'm kinda the anchor in the middle. I'm right in front of the center so i'm holding him up. I got close to contact which is great for me. I can attack faster. I have to be on the guard all the time.  I'm thinking I'm gonna play a little bit of everything, from down in the nose tackle out to three technique on third down.

What is the three technique?

It's the outside shade of the guard and mostly play it on pass.  So I'm looking to play both. So, wherehever the coaches need me on 1st down, 3rd down, whatever.

What wil the defensive depth chart line look like?

Initially, I can leave that up to the coaches. Being that we're about to go to camp we'll find out shortly. Everyone's mind has to be on getting a starting position whether you were a back up last year or a starter this year.  It all plays back again. We're going to camp. Everyone gets a fresh new coaching staff, fresh team, so it's a fresh start.

Best man will win the starting job:

I have to fight for my spot.  Dorsey has to fight for his.  Turk, Tamba, same thing down the line.  The best man wins out of football camp.  When we go into football camp it's about war. We go in with our game face, we're ready, prepared and fighting for a spot.

On the defensive line:

Regardless of the competition or challenge, we're the heart of the defense and the team. Nothing happens without the defensive line. We have to stay together as a unit.    Nothing is peronsal, eveyrthing is business.  You have to come out and approach this like your job. Everyone's getting a job done and getting prepared, depending on each other and we're gonna get the job done whether you're a first or second team player. The second team player has to as good as the first to be successful.

Where did you think you'd be heading into your third year?

You know what, going into the second season, I'm like I have to really get on my grind and really hustle. Going through the first year and seeing Hard Knocoks, how people were getting cut. Coach Gunther put a note on my locker that I still think about: 'Everday you can lose your job'.  I always kep that in mind. I never kinda looked past my first year. I always wanted to do my best.  Give it all my got and move to the next year.  I'm in my third year and I'm blessed to be in this position and I'm gonna give it my all this season. And work hard and move onto the next level.

What's been the biggest success of your career so far?

Becoming a starter last year. That was really big for me. That was one of my main goals coming into football camp. I wanted to be a solid player, come in and do the work and do my best. 

Same approach I am going to take every year. I came up the underdog and I remain the under dog so that's how I have to approach that.

Biggest disappiontment

Only winning two games last year.

16 games is a long season by itself, but only winning two games makes it that much longer. It kinda builds you as a player. You have to go through the struggle to be successful. And I appreciate the struggle. I always remember that.  It's good and bad.  It's never bad to win games, but you have to take it the way it is.

Caller: What's your honest expectation this year?

Intiially I always take this approach.  Why wait? We have to aim high, aim for the Super Bowl, aim for the playoffs. Can't think like 'Oh let's win more than two games'.  Let's be champions.  We gotta train to be a championship team and go out and play that way and think that way mentally.  I'm aiming for the top and I'm sure the rest of my teammates will have the same mentality.

Caller: Question on Glenn Dorsey, Matt Cassel and the coaching staff:

In OTAs, Glenn Dorsey was playing as a five technique, which is kind of a defensive end. So i epxect him to be right there during training camp. Whevere the coaches want to move him that's on them. He'll be successful wherever he is.

Since Matt Cassel has been there I have seen him do nothing but work hard with the players. I saw him out there with Dwayne Bowe and another one of the wide receivers throwing passes.  But I have seen him do nothing but work, encourage and motivate people so I see him being a great leader on this football team.

I like this coaching staff a lot. Coach Haley is the kinda guy that doesn't say much but what he does say is very important and strictly business. We want to get it done and you can tell we want to win games. It's a positive for us and it rubs down on us and it motivates us.

Transition from college to the NFL:

I definitely feel it's a transition but I kinda relate college to my rookie season.  My freshman and sophomore year the same thing happened. I started in that situation junior year. I got better every year and that's my goal. Give it my best and become a Pro Bowler at some point.  Whatever it takes to get there I'm going to do it.

On the Ben Roethlisberger civil suit:

It really doesn't take much for someone's name to be damaged in the NFL because someone is always looking out to find that one thing about you but one thing can turn your whole reputation sideways.  It's a shame he has to go through that. I haven't followed up on it much but I keep those types of guys in my prayers. People learn the good and the bad with stuff like that.

On Michael Vick:

I think everybody deserves a second chance. That's kind of a vulnerable, touchy subject. There's all kinds of sports for killing animals besides dogs.  I have a dog and I love him like my son.  It's kind of a touchy subject. But I think everyone deserves a second chance. 


Can we get some of my music on?

Tyler Boy Management (Music plays automatically)

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