Five Days to Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp


Black clouds loomed over the 2008 Chiefs (via UW-RF)


Tick-tock, tick-tock....

Next Friday, members of the Chiefs past and present will descend upon the City Market in Kansas City to celebrate the team's newest member of Canton, Derrick Thomas.  I will be attending the event which runs from 5:00-8:30 and I couldn't be more excited. 

Neil Smith will lead a panel discussion on the career and legacy of DT and former Chiefs Kimble Anders, Dan Saleauma and Tim Grunhard will be present as well.  President Denny Thum will also reflect on DT's life and career.

I'm thinking about wearing my Arrowhead Pride t-shirt so if anyone else is going let me know and introduce yourself at the event.

Was it worth it?

The New England Patriots inked second round pick Patrick Chung according to Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe.  The significance of this is that the second rounder is the pick the Chiefs surrendered in the trade for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel.

Was it worth it?  Of course.

Post calls Chiefs extortionists

Phil Mushnick of the New York Post penned an article titled "NFL COMMISH ALLOWS CHIEFS TO FLEECE FANS".  Ignoring the subtlety of the title, I want to point something out.  The article's main point is that Mr. Goodell should somehow stop the Chiefs front office from requiring fans to buy a preseason ticket if they want to see the Cowboys and/or Steelers come to town. Mushnick refers to the move as "extortion" and claims Goodell is on a quest for money and power.

I understand the frustration from fans on this one but let's look at the alternative the article fails to point out.

If the Chiefs don't sell out any game, they won't be on TV.  This is precisely why I'm not up in arms about this decision.  It's a business decision that is aimed at benefiting the vast majority of fans.  In addition to hundreds of thousands of fans losing out on the opportunity to see the game they aren't able to attend, the team would receive a financial blow via the loss of advertising dollars.

Is it frustrating?  Of course.  Is it necessary?  Yes.

It's not an unusual move.  The Chiefs are the "extra ticket" for the Vikings when the Packers come to town.  The Texans are doing the same thing.  Three words: Get over it.  You can protest the move by not attending the game (which probably won't happen with many).

Shield your eyes

Via Mr. Gretz this morning, defensive tackles that have started for the Chiefs this decade:

Right Defensive Tackle: Derrick Ransom (26), Lional Dalton (26), Ryan Sims (19), James Reed (16), Glenn Dorsey (16), Alfonso Boone (15), Dan Williams (10), John Browning (9), Eric Downing (4), Jimmy Wilkerson (2), Tank Tyler (1).

Left Defensive Tackle: John Browning (52), Ron Edwards (32), Ryan Sims (18), Tank Tyler (16), Chester McGlockton (15), Eric Downing (9), Jimmy Wilkerson (2), Turk McBride (1), Nate Hobgood-Chittick (1).

Don't look directly at it.

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