Seven Days to Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp


How the Chiefs get around in River Falls (via Photo Source)

One week away and we're closing in on the last chance for unemployed veterans to end their offseason and get some work.  It's not uncommon for an older veteran to wait to sign with a team until the training camp period commences.  They don't want to go through the rigors of OTAs with the team and can spend the maximum amount of time with their family or doing whatever it is they do.

There are still a handful of players out there that represent positions of need for the Chiefs.  Will the Chiefs contact anymore players before they're regulated by the 80-man roster limit?

Derrick Brooks?  Willie McGinest?  Matt Jones?  Amani Toomer?  Edgerrin James?  Levi Jones?  Jon Runyan?

My hunch?  Unlikely.  For most folks, linebacker, wide receiver and right tackle are noted as the biggest needs for the Chiefs.  Don't get too optimistic on the remaining options.

McGinest is the name that keeps popping out at me.  He fills a quota in the former Patriot/aging veteran/3-4 OLB department but has publicly said he would like to head back to New England and finish his career there. 

When will the madness stop? Top story lines are driving me crazy

Daily Norseman: Make it stop, Brett

If this report is indeed accurate -- and it certainly sounds like Werder could be hitting the nail on the head with this one -- then all bets are off.  This has all the indications of Favre looking to weasel his way out of training camp, using his "agonized, woe is me" state to allow the process to continue beyond the start of camp next week.

Reports initially indicated that Favre would give the Vikings an answer by July 30th.

What if....Scott Pioli hadn't decided against the Chiefs, Vikings training camp scrimmage?  The Chiefs would get the first unofficial crack at the purple version of #4.

ESPN: Goodell will announce four game suspension for Vick

League sources told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio and Chris Mortensen Thursday that sometime next week Goodell is expected to announce a conditional reinstatement of Vick, which would allow Vick to go to training camp if he signed with a team but that could also include a four-game suspension.

Funny.  The NFL was quick to refute Chris Mortensen and Sal Paolantonio's report that the Commissioner was going to suspend Vick for four games.  Mort, via his Twitter account, denied that ESPN had said the Commish would rule on a four game suspension for Vick.  Then, a few minutes later, Mortensen backtracked.

"I take that back. After this 12-hr drive, I just read the story and the lead is erroneous. Guess I can't get to bed yet."

That's about right for Mortensen.  It wouldn't be the first time (or the second time). 

The Chiefs aren't interested in Vick and we've already got a quarterback.  I'm glad we're not involved in this mess.

What's wrong with this picture?

Disregarding Bowe since he's guaranteed a spot on the roster, take a look at the money due to these wide receivers.

  • Webb ($1.01 million)
  • Darling ($1 million)*
  • Engram ($875,000)*
  • Bradley ($620,000)*
  • Copper ($620,000)*

*Predicted to make the team by Bob Gretz.  Around here, we've been down on Webb and Darling more than any other receivers.  Here's another reason: They represent two of the top three paid receivers on the team (and next year Darling is due $2 million). 

TG vs KW

Kellen Winslow tells ESPN the Mag:

"Instead of saying, 'I'm the best tight end,'" he says, "now I'll be like, 'Well, I think Tony Gonzalez is the best, because he's been doing it for so long. And I have a long way to go.' That's how I'd answer it, because it's showing respect, and it's humble. That might not be the way I really feel, but that's the way to play the Game."

ESPN the Mag says:

"As much potential as Kellen Winslow packs, he’s not close to being our top tight end. That honor belongs to Tony Gonzalez."

Winslow is one of the most overrated players in the NFL.

Who will be the next to bring a championship to Kansas City?

Chiefs, Royals or Tom Watson?

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