Eight Days to Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp


  What a difference a few years makes... (Photo Source)


Eight more days until the Kansas City Chiefs take Todd Haley's conditioning test marking the commencement of training camp.  The head coach has been described as intense by virtually everyone that knows him and even those that don't.  When asked, many of the players just smile and say something to the effect of, "Yes, he's a very intense coach."

"Intense but efficient" is how Coach Haley describes his style and that should show in his first training camp as a head coach.

Unlike previous years, the Chiefs will not have consecutive two-a-days in camp.  Since the Chiefs as a whole should already be in better shape than in previous years, the extra conditioning time gained by utilizing more two-a-days shouldn't be necessary.

"You don't come into camp to get into shape", Haley says.

Appearing on 1280 WHTK in Rochester, NY earlier this week, LT Branden Albert had this to say about Haley:

"A lot of people felt we were out of shape last year but we're not out of shape this year.  We've been training and working hard. He's been running us hard after practice."

He's not the first Chief to say that.  We'll have more on that Albert interview closer to 9:00 AM.  For now, click 'continue reading' to talk Gunther, Vick, Trey Hillman and some over/under.

Wow, this sounds familiar

Tom Kowalski of MLive.com on defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham and the Lions defense:

Cunningham is going to have to be creative because he doesn't have the size or talent to line up and play teams even-up. The Lions did a good job in re-tooling their linebacking corps but a lot of questions remain, particularly on the all-important defensive line. The Lions have some real question marks in both their run-stopping and pass-rushing abilities and it's going to take all of Cunningham's experience and guile to put this defense in a position to be successful.

What's that you say about run stopping and pass rushing?

AFC West slow at signing draft picks

The perception is that the Chiefs front office has been sitting on their hands, not talking to any of the rookies' agents, while waiting until the last minute to sign the remaining members of the draft class.  The reality is far from that.

Though I can see how some might think things are slow moving at Arrowhead.  The players selected two spots before and after 4th round pick Donald Washington have been signed, the players sandwiched between 6th Quinten Lawrence have been signed and the player directly behind 7th round pick Javarris Williams has been inked.

Though the slow working Pioli might worry you now, take a look at our counterparts to the West.  The Denver Broncos have 10 total draft picks.  How many have they signed?


Training camp starts on Monday for the Denver rookies and so far eight of them are unsigned.

San Diego is in the same boat.  Camp starts on Monday and only one of eight draft picks have signed.

Every year at this time, folks start to get worried that there are more than a handful of draft picks left to sign.  Though I'm basing this on nothing, we can assume Washington, Lawrence and Williams will all be in camp on time.  Unless you're injured (like the Chiefs 2008 7th round selection Michael Merritt), there's no reason for a non first round pick to hold out of camp.  The wait is frustrating for the later round picks but the only pick we need worry about arriving to River Falls in time is Tyson Jackson.

Bill Williamson of ESPN.com predicted these players from the AFC West to be the toughest to sign: 2nd round CB Alphonso Smith (Broncos), 1st round pick DE Tyson Jackson (Chiefs), 2nd round pick S Michael Mitchell (Raiders) and 3rd round pick G Louis VasquezClick through to see his reasoning.

A reminder on the Chiefs' stance on Vick

There are still people arguing for the Chiefs to sign Michael Vick.  At least on Twitter.  Ignoring the flaws in this argument, remember what a Chiefs spokesperson said about Vick:

"The Chiefs have no comment regarding Michael Vick.  They haven't given any thought to it.  They don't want to be involved in any conversation about Michael Vick."

Nevertheless, I'll search 'Vick' and 'Chiefs' on Twitter and see more Tweets.

Interesting question on Chiefs Planet

Who is/was worse - Herm Edwards or Trey Hillman?

Not much of a Royals fan (if I were I would be reading Royals Review everyday though).  Here's the money comment:

Herm Hillman=Trey Edwards

Nice one, petegz28.

Over/Under, LaDainian Tomlinson

On Monday, Matt Williamson of Scouts, Inc stated his case regarding the gradual slide of LaDainian Tomlinson.  Williamson cited age and injuries as the basis for his argument that Tomlinson will slow down in 2009.

Yesterday, Bill Williamson argued that Tomlinson isn't done and given a good dose of health is still a 1,300-1,500 yard player.

I know which side I stand on.  What do you think....over/under 1,300 yards in '09 for Tomlinson?


Here are a few links to get you going this morning:

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