Ten Days to Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp

The Kansas City Chiefs rookies and veterans will report on July 30th.  Conditioning test on July 31st.  First practice on August 1st.  It's not that far away.

I don't know about some of you but I really enjoy this time of year.  We are less than two weeks away from football in pads.  It's long but this offseason has been more active than in years past so it doesn't seem as long.  The only happening around Arrowhead should be signing the final five picks: DE Tyson Jackson, DE Alex Magee, CB Donald Washington, WR Quinten Lawrence and RB Javarris Williams.

The Patriots banged out a chunk of rookie signings last week so let's see if Bill Belichick's former colleague does the same this week.  Though the way this offseason is going, can't you see GM Scott Pioli not officially announcing the picks until July 30th?  Waiting up until the very last minute "because it's a process", as Pioli likes to say.

More after the jump as we continue the countdown to River Falls...

We know how the Texans feel

Last week I talked about Vikings fans being forced to buy Chiefs preseason tickets if they wanted to see the Packers game.  Well, the same thing is happening to the Texans with the Chiefs announcement that fans will be forced to buy a Texans preseason ticket to see the Cowboys on October 11th.  And they're saying the same things we did according to Alan Burge of the Houston Texans Examiner.

Chiefs fans should keep in mind that if the tables were turned, Houston fans wouldn't be all that excited to have to buy a ticket to watch their team either - if it was required add-on to a single game ticket purchase for the Colts or Titans.

True.  Except it's the Vikings fans.

Great response to my argument that signing Cassel now was the best option:

This contract is really a 3 year deal. And that is regardless of whether Cassel plays well or not. There aren’t any bargain basement years for the Chiefs in this deal.

If Cassel plays well and the Chiefs have success with him as the QB, negotiations for an extension/new contract will begin in Cassel’s 3rd season. There is no way a successful Cassel will take a pay cut to play for the Chiefs in year 4 of this deal. If the Chiefs don’t have a new deal in place for their star QB before year 4, Cassel pulls a Vrabel/Waters and stays away from the off-season program and maybe holds out of training camp or beyond. The Chiefs would be insane to let that happen, so they work out a new deal before year 4.

If Cassel is a bust, the Chiefs will rid themselves of his services as soon as he has played out the years for which he has guaranteed money and find somebody else to play QB. If that happens, they might also start looking for somebody to play GM in year 4.

By LennyTheCool

This is a great point that I didn't really expand on.  Although Cassel is saying and doing all the right things right now doesn't mean he's not going to push for another extension if he plays well.  I keep saying Cassel doesn't seem like the type of player that would make any negotiations contentious but it could be a different story if another $25+ million guaranteed are involved.  I'm not saying this will happen.  I'm just recognizing another point of view on the subject.

Nmandi could cover the #1

In years past, Oakland Raiders CB Nmandi Asomugha has lined up on the right side of the field no matter who the receiver is.  That may change this year.

"It may happen." Asomugha said via Paul Gutierrez of the Sacramento Bee.  "This has never been something that we here have done. We've always just kept me where I am (on the field) and then double team whoever's on the left. I think if it's someone that's really dominant then we (move me) but nowadays the No. 2 receiver is almost as good as the No. 1. So you never know who to take."

Bowe is a blossoming third year wide receiver.  Asomugha is the best in the NFL.  Bowe's history against the Raiders secondary has been good, but not great..  In four games, here how he's done:

  1. Six receptions, 90 yards
  2. Two receptions, 27 yards
  3. Three receptions, 84 yards
  4. Four receptions, 63 yards

Average: 4.7 receptions, 66 yards.  Or about on line with his 2008 average. 

It's likely JaMarcus Russell will be the starter against the Chiefs in game two

If you believe the media, Russell is a bust in the making.  Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times says one out-of-town NFL writer called one offseason practice the worst he's ever seen by a quarterback taken No. 1 overall.  However, McDonald still says it would take "a faceplant of major proportions" for Garcia to beat out Russell by week one. 

If I'm an opposing defense I'm picking Russell over Garcia.  Garcia is a proven winner.  Russell has only been in the league for two years but the Raiders have been the worst team in the NFL since their Super Bowl appearance in 2002.  There's something wrong in Oakland and it's not just the quarterback.

This quote by Asomugha will give you a hint about what's wrong in Oakland:

"(Defensive coordinator Jim Marshall is) still a dominant man-to-man guy. He never has been, but coming here he understands that's the way Mr. Davis likes it."

The way Mr. Davis likes it.

Here are some links to get you going this morning:

Mile High Report: Breaking down the roster: RBs

If you remember the Chiefs 2008 quarterback situation then this article should bring back memories.  The Broncos lost seven RBs last season.

Bolts from the Blue: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Emmitt Smith

Michael Fabiano of NFL.com wondering if the Curse of 370 should scare fantasy owners:

He pointed out that the last five running backs to hit the 370-carry mark, Larry Johnson (2006), Shaun Alexander (2005), Curtis Martin (2004), and Jamal Lewis and Ricky Williams (both in 2003) saw an average drop off of 193 fantasy points the following year.

Arrowhead Addict: Matt Jones revisited

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