A Steaming Pile of Crap or the 2010 Chiefs Madden Rankings




The Chiefs 2010 Madden Rankings.


I am going to give a breakdown of what I think of the Chiefs 2010 Madden Rankings. It isn’t pretty. We already knew the Chiefs were getting a crap rating as a team but I was hoping for some decent ratings here and there so that I could actually PLAY as the Chiefs and have any hope of winning. The Chiefs may not be the deepest team in the NFL but they certainly have a lot of talent, especially in their starters. Be advised this is one of my more adult posts. I don't go on a swearing tirade but there is some stronger adult language. You if that type of thing offends you, *%&# off!

 Let’s take a look at what the guys at EA think of the 2009-2010 KC Chiefs.


 Cassel              83

Thigpen            66

Brokie              56


Cassel has a semi respectable number. Keep in mind that the ratings are more spread out this year. While guys like Manning are still rated 99, middle of the pack guys like Matt have a tougher climb to the top. I think this new system is a good idea and can help make Madden more realistic. However, I think the Chiefs ratings lack balance. While you want the game to be realistic, you also need to make sure it is playable. It isn’t any fun to play Madden if your team is so bad you can’t compete. I for one, refuse to play as the Steelers. I stick with the Chiefs, come hell or high water. At least for my seasons.


Cassel is an 83 is still a little low. I would have put him at a low of 85 and a high of 88. A 14 point differential between a Manning and a Cassel sounds about right to me.


The big shocker here for me, was Thiggy’s terrible rating of 66. No way. If Cassel get’s hurt you are pretty much screwed. You are left with a 66 and Brokie coming in at 56 which is even a little low for him. He has skills, he just gets hurt. Thigpen’s rating, in my opinion, should be in the 75-77 range and I am leaning toward the latter. Many think he is one of the best backups in the league. At a 66 he is about as useful as Ryan Leaf.




Recognize this guy? Me either. This is Weston Dacus, the Chiefs worst player.


O line.

 Waters             94

Albert               84

Goff                 80

Rudy                75

D-Mac             71


Waters has the highest rating on the team. He is also the only player in the 90’s. Albert is pretty solid, although I think he could be an 86. He is a stud and he is about to turn the corner on to Pro Bowl lane. Goff is a pleasant surprise at 80. Rudy is a solid 75 in my opinion and D-Mac is probably OVER rated at 71 but I’ll take it. I am not even posting the rest of them. It isn’t worth it.


The line averages 80.6 which you might actually be able to run behind, given Larry is still ranked pretty high. However, if Larry gets hurt, you are screwed like a whore at the gates of St. Peter. Which brings us to…


Running Backs

 Lary "Smack My Bitch Up" Johnson         88

Cox                                                                  70

Kolby                                                               68

Charles                                                           68

Javaris                                                            56


Larry gets what he deserves here I think. And thank God it is still respectable. With an 88 RB and an 80 line running the ball is possible, unless you need Cox to throw a block for you or pick up a blitz because he is a 70. Barley serviceable. Kolby and Jamaal must have sore behinds from the anal raping they took in these ratings. They should both be in the 70’s. The fact that Jamaal is so fast alone should make his rating higher. The rookie is apparently as useful at RB as D-Mac would be. You better get used to trying to win by running, however, cause you sure as shit can’t pass.


Mark Bradley tries to up his rating by catchin water baloons in the training portion of Madden NFL 2010 by EA Sports.

Wide Receivers

 D-Bowe                       86

Engram                        76

Big Brad Cottam          72

Bradley                        69 (WTF)

Ryan                            68 (Who is Ryan? Ah well, whoever he is he is better than Webb)

Darling                          66  (That’s what you get for getting caught from behind durring the Pats game)

J Webb                        66 (WTF, too high)

Lawrence                     51 (WTF)

Turtle                           92


Turtle comes in pretty high in the Madden rankings. With Turtle as your #1 and Bowe as your #2 you could probably pass and succeed. Unfortunately, Turtle doesn’t F$&&*ing exist! So you are stuck with D-Bowe at a decent 86. I can buy that one. After that however, it is a steep drop. Engram, your slot guy is a 76 when he should be an 80 on the fact that he is Bobby Engram alone. Then they really busted my junk. Brad Cottam, who it seems may not even be the starter is at 72 and Bradley is at 69. Throw us a firkin bone here EA. Bradley should be a 77 and I stand on that.





John McGraw


 It gets worse.



 The lone bright spot. Just because they manage to stay mostly in the 80’s.


DJ                    83 (right on I think)

Vrabel              81 ( I bet if he was on the Pats he’d be an 87)

Zach Attack      80

Williams            69 (Like falling off a cliff)

Tamba              65

Mays                65

Beisel               61 (ouch)

Johnston           56

Dacus               54 (I think this is our worst player)


Defensive Line

 Here is where the crap really starts to stink.


Jackson            77 (WTF)

Dorsey             75 (WTF)

Boone              69

Edward            69

Tyler                67 (&#*&^&@#%@#(*&%)*&#)$()(#*@%&#%)

Mcbride            67 (Blows brains out all over boss)

MaGee             65

Gilberry            61 (too dead to care)


Aren’t you glad we spent all those high draft picks on defensive lineman? Yeah, neither are the guys at ES Sports.


Well at least we still have our defenses greatest strength, the secondary.


Oh wait..


Pollard             78

Page                 77

Flowers            77

Carr                 71

Washington      63

Morgan            62        59

Your local grocery bagger            56

Daniels             56 (whoever that is)


This is where my head explodes. The first three names on this list should all be at least an 81 and Carr should be in the high 70’s. Hell, Washington, on sheer athleticism should be a 73. Screw EA.

What about our Punter? He is the best one on the team. And folks think Mr. Irrelevant might make the team.


Dustin               78 (total crap)

Barth                66


Yeah…Mr. Irrelevant is apparently just that. Irrelevant.




Well what do you guys think of EA’s view of the Chiefs? 



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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