2009 Season


Its been a boring day and i just wanted to share some of my thoughts and expectations for the upcoming season. I know we have read plenty of these but i just wanted to get my own opinion out there. This is my first post so be gentle. GO CHIEFS!!!


09/13/09 at Baltimore Ravens 12:00 PM CBS
The season starts with a tough road test verses Baltimore. The Ravens D will always be something to fear but will not be as good as years past. Ray Lewis is getting old. They lost Rex Ryan. They cut Chris Mcallister. Bart Scott is now in New York. I also am not as big on Joe Flacco as most people. You also never know if Willis Mcgahee will show up.
Chiefs open the season on the road with a win 17-10

09/20/09 Oakland Raiders 12:00 PM CBS
The raiders have the best corner in the game. They also have a good rbbc with fargas, mcfadden, and bush. The problems is thats about all they have. The quarterback doesn't have the head for the game and would rather be at the buffet. Also their drafts are a joke.
The chiefs open up arrowhead with a win 24-14.

09/27/09 at Philadelphia Eagles 12:00 PM CBS
If Mcnabb can stay healthy this season i believe the Eagles will be one of the toughest teams in football. Westbrook always performs and Lesean Mccoy should have a good rookie season. They have a great secondary. The WR position is decent and Maclin could give us problems on special teams.
The class of the NFC east dominate the chiefs 34-17 and we come back to reality. The chiefs are still a year or two away from being able to compete with the best.

10/04/09 New York Giants 12:00 PM FOX
Chiefs fans are uneasy after and Eagle beatdown and are not looking forward to the Giants. I am a little more optimistic. The giants have a killer D-line and will cause problems all day for our o-line. This will be a battle to the finish. LJ grounds and pounds all afternoon. Eli manning is missing his biggest weapons in plaxico and toomer. No Derrick Ward support also begins to hurt the running game.
Chiefs win a close one at home 13-10.

10/11/09 Dallas Cowboys 12:00 PM FOX*
This is one that interests me. I WILL be at this game. All of my friends are either chiefs or cowboys fans. I HATE the cowgirls for all their superbowl bound talk before they even win a game.Chiefs fans are jacked up about the upset win over the Giants. Arrowhead sellouts are back in full gear and we are back to being the toughest place to play in the NFL. Chiefs fans are seeing something great for this season. The Cassel to DBowe connection begins to shine bright because the cowboy secondary is suspect. Tony Homo throws two picks and one for six with no T.O. to throw to.
Chiefs pull off a win 24-17

10/18/09 at Washington Redskins 12:00 PM CBS
The redskins have a solid D but no offense. Clinton Portis won't have as good of a season as last year. Should be a decent game but one we can win.
Chiefs win 23-10

10/25/09 San Diego Chargers 12:00 PM CBS*
Beloved San Diego comes to town. Lots of hype before the game with Chiefs and Chargers both competing for the division. Loudmouth rivers taunts Cassel. Cassel lights up the chargers D and D Bowe shows cromartie who's boss. LT and sproles sustain a good running game but Lt doesn't have his old flashes. Rivers makes big third down conversions in the second half. We get another chiefs v chargers game won by less than 7.
Chiefs win at home 24-23

11/01/09 Bye  

11/08/09 at Jacksonville Jaguars 12:00 PM CBS
Jags are anything but impressive this year and may finish in the bottom of thier division. Jones-Drew and Torry Holt give the chiefs D a hard time. Chiefs simply have an off game.
Jags win 17-7

11/15/09 at Oakland Raiders 3:05 PM CBS*
Oakland has shown improvement this year. Jeff Garcia is now leading the black and silver. He doesn't turn the ball over and thier running backs are just too fast for are aging linebackers.
Raiders win 24-21

11/22/09 Pittsburgh Steelers 12:00 PM CBS#
Once again the Chiefs are just not ready to compete with the best. The steeler D is just too mean and Big Ben can make clutch plays.
Steelers win 34-17

11/29/09 at San Diego Chargers 3:05 PM CBS#
The chiefs are tired of losing after dropping three straight. Another battle against the chargers but Philip Rivers remains too much for the chiefs to handle. LT and Sproles both rush for 100yds.
Chargers win 24-10

12/06/09 Denver Broncos 12:00 PM CBS#
Denver is going to finish last in the division this year. Thats why you get the patriots GM and not the assitant coach as we have seen before. Mcdaniels drools as Cassel torches the Denver D and has his best game of the season. Chiefs are back to winning and confidence is up.
Chiefs win 34-14

12/13/09 Buffalo Bills 12:00 PM CBS#
Ok the bills beat us last year but in a game we should have one. Well they are going to do it again. Marshawn Lynch will have a big game and Trent to T.O. beats up Flowers.
Bills Win 17-14

12/20/09 Cleveland Browns 12:00 PM CBS#
The clevland Qb situation is a mess. Both QBs are mediocre. They lost Kellen Winslow and Jamal Lewis is old.
Chiefs dominate 24-7

12/27/09 at Cincinnati Bengals 12:00 PM CBS#
Ochocinco gurantees Bengals make playoffs. I remember when he guranteed they would beat the 10-0 chiefs in 03 and they did...and i cried...This time it doesn't happen. Palmer will have a decent season recovering from injury but just too many problems with the Bengals.
Chiefs win 20-10

01/03/10 at Denver Broncos 3:15 PM CBS#
The broncos ask themselves after a horrific season. Why did we trade away are up and coming QB for unproven draft picks and Mr. I cant beat out Rex Grossman Orton?
Chiefs win at Mile high 21-7

Chiefs finish the season with a 10-6 record and win the division which is really in the crapper. San Diego is on the downfall, Broncos are at the bottom, and Oakland may or may not be up and coming. If we can win a playoff game is a totally different debate. In my opinion all of these games are winnable even against the NFC East. My prediction is optimistic but it can be done.
Thanks and enjoy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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