Are we ready for some football 60's style


The Chiefs will be celebrating their 50th year in 2009! How many startups last 50 years? Thank you Lamar Hunt.

    For The 1960 Dallas Texans' inaugural season, team owner Lamar Hunt pursued both legendary University of Oklahoma coach Bud Wilkinson and New York Giants defensive assistant Tom Landry to lead his Texans franchise.
Wilkinson opted to stay at Oklahoma, while Landry was destined to coach the NFL’s franchise in Dallas.
Hunt settled on a relatively unknown assistant coach from the University of Miami, Hank Stram. “One of the biggest reasons I hired Hank was that he really wanted the job,” Hunt explained. “It turned out to be a very lucky selection on my part.” The Texans in their inaugural year fielded a roster that included 6 LSU Tigers. There were many other colleges represented on that Team SMU, TCU, OU, Houston, Texas, and others, But the LSU contingent was definitely the largest. Lamar knew that his new venture had to appeal to the Dallas market and had an 
area flavor as the Texans fans were Awesome: "The Texans averaged 24,500 for their home games, the highest
average in the league. The Texans finished second in the division to the LA Chargers.

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Roster of LSU Tigers / Dallas Texans 1960
Mel BranchSid FournetPaul MillerRay Collins, R.B Nunnery, and Johnny Robinson.

1960 Dallas Texans

Regular Season
Week 1  Sep 10 L 21-20 at Los Angeles Chargers 
Week 2  Sep 16 W 34-16 at Oakland Raiders 
Week 3  Sep 25 W 17-0 vs Los Angeles Chargers 
Week 4  Oct 2 L 37-35 vs New York Titans 
Week 5  Oct 9 L 20-19 vs Oakland Raiders 
Week 6  Oct 16 L 20-10 at Houston Oilers 
Week 8  Oct 30 W 17-14 at Denver Broncos 
Week 9  Nov 6 W 45-28 at Buffalo Bills 
Week 10  Nov 13 W 34-7 vs Denver Broncos 
Week 11  Nov 18 L 42-14 at Boston Patriots 
Week 12  Nov 24 L 41-35 at New York Titans 
Week 13  Dec 4 W 24-0 vs Houston Oilers 
Week 14  Dec 11 W 34-0 vs Boston Patriots 
Week 15  Dec 18 W 24-7 vs Buffalo Bills



1960 Buffalo Bills Highlight Reel, Vol. 3 (via VolBrian)

1960s Houston Oilers - American Football League (via 09rockmusic)

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