Updates on Chiefs Monday Practice

The Kansas City Chiefs continued voluntary workouts today.  This is the first of four workouts this week.  Still to come are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Missing of course were both Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel.

The updates are coming from the always reliable Bob Gretz.

Rehabbing injuries

Missing practice

Alphonso Boone "leading the way" on the defensive line

Per Bob Gretz, Boone broke up a Thigpen to Savage screen pass.  Boone should be leading the way as he's the veteran defensive end.  He's due base salaries of $1.65 million in 2009 and $2.05 million in 2010 so the Chiefs are obviously keeping him for a reason.  

He's 33 years old and has some familiarity with Todd Haley when they were both in Chicago.  At 6'4", 318 pounds, Boone should have the size to deliver a punch along the defensive line.

Cassel vs. Thigpen

Matt Cassel was 15/18 in work against the defense and threw an interception to Derrick Johnson.  Thigpen was 6/11 and threw an interception to Jon McGraw.

Ingle Martin was also 6/11 and had a deep pass completed to Brad Cottam.

More good news for Tamba Hali

Following last Friday's practice, I questioned whether Hali had the necessary coverage skills to play linebacker.  Since then, we've heard a few good reports on him batting down balls.  Here comes another good one courtesy of Bob Gretz:

OLB Tamba Hali read a running play in the teamwork portion of practice and almost grabbed the handoff from Cassel to Battle.  It was one of the better defensive plays of the off-season.


WR C.J. Jones was wide open and Martin threw a nice pass, that was juggled and then dropped.  Jones can’t afford to drop those kind of passes.

As Gretz notes, fringe roster players like Jones can not miss open receptions like that, especially when your coach is a former wide receivers coach.


Haley is apparently putting his status as an "offensive guru" to the test.  With the offense reportedly struggling over the weekend, the head coach spent a little extra time fine tuning the passing game.

"We need work, we definitely need work, to improve our execution of just the basic pass game," said Haley. "We are having a hard time in some simplier areas. We are making plays, it’s just that the execution has to pick up. "

When Haley was hired, we all looked at the passing game as the biggest benefit.  It appears Haley is working on that this offseason.

H/T markc and vinced in the FanShots for the links

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