Brian Waters: 'As of Today, I'm a Kansas City Chief'



Kansas City Chiefs guard Brian Waters did show up to mini-camp today after a flurry of questions over the last few months regarding his desire to be with the Chiefs.  Waters spoke to reporters following the morning practice.  Bob Gretz has the scoop.

"When it’s time for business, I try to take care of it at that time and when it’s time for football, I try to take care of it at that time," Waters said.  "This weekend is about football."

"I’m glad to be here with my teammates.  I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.  Whatever happens in the future is going to be between me and the organization. As of today, I"m a Kansas City Chief."

He said he would not answer any questions regarding his reported meeting with head coach Todd Haley in February.  He was asked if he wanted to be a Chief and said, "Today I do, that's why I'm here."  He wasn't definitive in his answers when asked if he wanted to be part of team long-term.

Click through to catch the rest of his session with reporters where he reveals more.

He also tried to clear up a lot of questions regarding his absence during the team's previous voluntary mini-camps.  Multiple media outlets reported that his absence was due to his reported tiff with Chiefs management.  Not so, says Waters.

"I’m never here in the off-season," Waters said. "This idea of me skipping OTAs, skipping workouts because of some other thing is not true. I"m rarely here in the off-season. I’m always here for mandatory things.  I’m almost never here for the OTAs or off-season program.  I wanted to make sure to clear that up."

As far as the charity event that he reportedly skipped on Wednesday night, he said he had no idea he had missed the event.

"I had no idea that the charity (event) was going on at that particular date and time," Waters said. "I hadn’t communicated with anybody and nobody had communicated with me.  To think that I would skip out of a charity event that I was involved in for any reason is really not my style, it’s really not my character."

Sorry.  Not buying that last one.  He's an honorary co-chair.  He can't act like he had no idea what was going on.

Whatever the issue is, Waters appears to be playing nice.  He wasn't definitive in his desire to stay in Kansas City but reiterated that this is all about football at this point.  It doesn't hurt that the Chiefs could fine him over $9,000 for missing this weekend's practice.

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