Will Brian Waters Show Up for the Chiefs Mandatory Mini-Camp Tomorrow?

CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 16: Larry Johnson #27 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs behind the block of Brian Waters #54 against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on September 16, 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. (via DayLife)

Starting tomorrow, the Kansas City Chiefs will hold their first mandatory mini-camp of the off season. Up to this point, every player but three has reported to the mini-camps and off season training activities. Those three are Brian Waters, Mike Vrabel and rookie CB Donald Washington.

Washington can't report for camp until he graduates from Ohio St. University (NFL rule). Primetime speculated on the reasons for Vrabel's absence back in May. Vrabel's absence doesn't seem to be because of any money or personal conflict issues. He's just an old veteran who would prefer not to go through what he probably feels are unnecessary workouts for him.

That leaves Mr. Brian Waters. The Chiefs' NFLPA representative. Former United Way spokesman. And all around fantastic guy.

To bring you up to speed, back in February Brian Waters tried to meet with Todd Haley and Scott Pioli, who were at the time almost brand new to the organization. Waters was rebuffed entirely by Scott Pioli but did meet with Todd Haley. Waters was not pleased with his encounter.

Waters, according to the source, was offended and shocked by the arrogance of Haley and Pioli. Waters’ meeting with Haley and follow-up phone conversations confirmed in the nine-year vet’s mind that the negative reports about Haley that he heard from Arizona Cardinals players while at the Pro Bowl were accurate, according to the source.

So Brian Waters is apparently pissed. He was rumored to have requested a trade, a request that Todd Haley rejected.

On the eve of the first mandatory mini-camp of the off season, let's go on record. Do you think that Brian Waters will show up for camp tomorrow?

I think there is a distinct possibility that he does. If Waters shows up tomorrow, pretty much everything falls back into place for the veteran. He gets away with not showing up to the voluntary workouts with no problem. The tiff with him and Todd Haley will be forgotten once the season starts. There is no doubt he'll be starting on the left side of the offensive line.

If he doesn't show, well, that hurts big time. You can argue that the addition of versatile o-lineman Mike Goff was the move to insure against a Brian Waters' departure. The Chiefs signed Goff about a month after the reported tiff between Waters and Haley. At least Waters still has his things in his locker, according to Kent Babb.

Let us know what you think. Vote in the poll below.

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