The Woodshed - Offseason Special


So, the offseason has made me something that I once thought was never possible...Yes, it is true that I have become in large part a "lurker"...I have become so busy with working all day long that I have not had much time to post just to see headlines. I apologize, I have let down my Third Watch duties. For all of you out there....



Just a few opinions of mine that I think might offer a different view on a few things. If this is all stuff that has been exhausted, then destroy me in the comments...


If you are like me, you have heard many negative opinions about Cassel's abilities at QB.

  • I want to remind people of the popular opinion at the time of the trade, before it was overanalyzed by every blogger possible. I distinctly recall Adam Schefter saying that Cassel should be considered a top ten QB no matter what. You may or may not agree...but he knows more than me...
  • People can say what they want about his accuracy in a charity event or in OTAs with new recievers but one thing we know for certain. We have at least two examples that when there is much at stake, he can deliver and be highly accurate. One is currently recounted on the front page in a highly stressful situation Cassel delivered a perfect pass from his own endzone. The other with the game on the line against the Jets...another perfect pass...



I think people are putting far too much stock in the 3-4 idea. We are not solely running the 3-4 this season, this has been stated over and over. Why do people keep making posts about how we are not ready for the 3-4 or that we are rushing to the 3-4. See the comments by almost every defensive player interviewed. This will be a highly creative defense. And hopefully equally effective. I think they have my support if they get us more of this...




What does the Mike Brown signing mean? Does it mean that Page, Pollard and Morgan are all hopeless and more Herm eff ups? Does it mean Pioli has a half-on for old defensive players? None of that crap...Pioli just saw a gamble and he is taking it. If Brown comes in and can stay healthy he can be very very solid, even a game changer. If Brown comes in and occupies a trainers table all season you have lost very little. Also, I am already tired of the "What can Brown do for you?" pun...This is what Brown can do for you, very fitting of what everyone wants to do after 15 minutes of ESPN these days...(repost but so true...)




Lastly, I would love to give thanks for the fact that we no longer have to think about this guy (just your monthly reminder)



Non-football thoughts:

  • Transformers 2 brief review: Too long. Plot holes. Megan Foxx is hot. Too many shiny robots fighting other shiny robots to think about for 3 hours straight...
  • If anyone is into The Decemberists I recommend the new album. It is way different, being a rock opera type format. Seems like people either love it or hate it straight up (I am the former.)
  • Recently bought me a Smith & Wesson M&P - 15...I thought our redneck crew might be pleased with that.
  • I tend to be of the point of view that if you are going to impose one of the most substantial taxes ever on a broad range of services then you should take time to read the legislation. What is the rush? Seriously, if you have to rush something through before enough people realize what it is then you aren't exactly representing properly.


(This format was not intended to rip off Parade's "Paradebulation" series with the common use of pictures and so on. This should not be mistaken for an attempt at a humorous post...just a lame one)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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