Speculating on Kicker Ryan Succop's Bonus

via cache.daylife.com

Now before I go on, I have to mention this is hardcore fandom stuff here. Examining the possible signing bonus money for Mr. Irrelevant, who happens to be a kicker as well? That's what we do here. Obsess over every possible Chief related detail that these here Internets provide for us.

Anyway, it's been reported that Succop's contract is worth somewhere in the $1.2 million dollar range, over three  years. How about that signing bonus though? That's guaranteed you know. There's big time bonus bucks for the last pick in the draft.

Here are some of the salaries already agreed to by picks close to where Succop was drafted, courtesy of Mac's Football blog:

245. Seattle (comp) - S, Courtney Greene, Rutgers - Signed (4-years, terms undisclosed)
246. Chicago (comp) - G, Lance Louis, San Diego State - Signed (4-years, $1.791M; $41,982 signing bonus)
247. Seattle (comp) - DE, Nick Reed, Oregon - Signed (4-years, $1.791M; $41,600 signing bonus)
248. Seattle (comp) - TE, Cameron Morrah, California
249. Cincinnati (comp) - DE, Clinton McDonald, Memphis
250. Jacksonville (comp) - RB, Rashad Jennings, Liberty
251. Chicago (comp) - WR, Derek Kinder, Pittsburgh - Signed (4-years, $1.787M; $37,666 signing bonus)
252. Cincinnati (comp) - WR, Freddie Brown, Utah
253. Jacksonville (comp) - WR, Tiquan Underwood, Rutgers
254. Arizona (comp) - G, Trevor Canfield, Cincinnati - Signed (3-years, $1.211M; $26,475 signing bonus)
255. Detroit (comp) - TE, Dan Gronkowski, Maryland
256. Kansas City (comp) - K, Ryan Succop, South Carolina - Signed (3-years, terms undisclosed)

The final kicker drafted in 2008, Brandon Coutu (#235 overall), received a $45,650 signing bonus. I'm thinking Succop definitely gets less than that $26,475 bonus for the #254 pick, who plays the more valuable guard position. So somewhere probably around $20,000 or so? That sounds about right. Speculate in the comment section and if you guess the bonus correctly, you win nothing.

So have at it. Is Ryan Succop rolling in a Camry or a Corolla after he gets his bonus?

Update by Primetime (9:27PM): I've learned that Succop's base salaries will be $310,000 (2009), $395,00 (2010) and $480,000 (2011).  The deal hasn't been signed yet but that should be done by tomorrow.  The signing bonus money would have to be about $24,000 to hit the $1.2 million number other South Carolina media outlets are citing.

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