An Optimistic View of the 2009 Chiefs

I'm optimistic about our chances to win the division (and also a playoff game) next year. Follow along with me and see how awesome my predicitons are.

Our offense will be amongst the top 10 will all of the help we've acquired this offseason. Our defense still needs some help but I think we will finish ranked somewhere around 20th (maybe close to the halfway mark). Why do I believe that we will be good? Because I'm optimistic about this season and I enjoy living in denial so don't take this away from me.

Season Schedule

1)Ravens 20, Chiefs 14. Baltimore's D will take care of business. Flacco wont take many chances bu he wont need to. 0-1

2)Chiefs 30, Raiders 10. This strikes me as the first game in a long time that Kansas City doesnt keep it close. Cassel throws for over 300 yards and leads the team to a juggernaut victory. 1-1

3)Eagles 24, Chiefs 17. Philly will blitz the hell out of us. We make a few plays but Donovan McNabb finally starts showing off the shiny toys he got from the draft. 1-2

4)Giants 34, Chiefs 17. This wont even be close. Manning wont throw a lot because the ground attack will do most of the heavy lifting. 1-3

5)Chiefs 27, Cowboys 24. Romo will make a few good plays. But Cassel will make the clutch plays that will help us win this game. 2-3

6)Chiefs 20, Redskins 17. Campbell will dink and dunk his way all day long. But Cassel will be throwing bombs and destroying the Skins secondary for most of the game. Both teams will be turning the ball over a lot but Washington will turn it over more. 3-3

7)Chiefs 24, Chargers 21. If Merriman is healthy then I say that the Chargers win this game. Haley wont let the D get into a prevent formation if they have a close lead at the end of the game. Here's what Haley will say to the D if we have a clsoe lead at the end of the game: "If you dont lock onto your man I will break your shit off!" 4-3

8) bye

9)Chiefs 27, Jaguars 25. This game will be close. I expect Garrard to play well against us. But I see Cassel making some very clutch plays near the end of the game. 5-3

10)Chiefs 17, Radiers 14. Oakland will be a lot tougher later on in the season. But they wont make enough plays to solidify a win. 6-3

11)Steelers 27, Chiefs 20. In we can get into Pitt's backfield maybe we can pull out a W. But the Steelers D will be rocking all day long. 6-4

12) Chargers 24, Chiefs 23. Rivers will have a hell of a game and this one will come down to the wire AGAIN. 6-5

13)Chiefs 28, Broncos 17. I see our running backs having a decent day but Cassel will make Denver's secondary look foolish. 7-5

14)Chiefs 38, Bills 24. Remember when Buffalo kicked our ass last year? The defense will remember it. Cassel will have his best game of the year against Buffalo and he will pour it on! 8-5

15)Chiefs 31, Browns 13. This game will be Cassel's day of rest and he'll let the running backs crush Cleveland's weak run D. 9-5

16)Bengals 21, Chiefs 17. I see this as a slug-it-out kind of game. Cincy pulls the upset with Carson Palmer not playing that well but the ground game providing enough power. 9-6

17)Chiefs 23, Broncos 13. KC's ground attack will dominate time of possession and will wear down the Denver D. 10-6


Wild Card: Chiefs 24 Texans 17. Houston will finally make it into the playoffs.While their ground attack with be impressive, their passing attack wont scare anyone and Cassel will have a nice day. He will deliver KC's first playoff win since 1993.

Divisional: Steelers 35, Chiefs 24. Cassel will be pressured all day and Big Ben will have a great game. Our season ends there - but hey at least we won a playoff game!


I can understand some people's reasoning for thinking that KC will still be terrible this year. But we're more likely to finish 10-6 this year than to only go 3-13. You can take that to the bank! BE OPTIMISTIC!

What do you guys think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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