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I was sitting here bored on a rainy Saturday, and I was trying to make sense of all the players we currently have on the roster. I love this time of year because of a the new faces and new possibilities! I am not sure where some of these guys will project or where they will compete for a roster spot, but this is my best guess.

I would love some feedback on projected starters, or if you see I misplaced a player in the wrong position. A lot of players, such as the DEs and LBs will be looked at for different positions along the front 7. The interesting thing to me, is that Pioli seems to love players that can play multiple positions, so do you see any potential Troy Brown players on there? (Hint: Mike Vrabel!) Do you see any diamonds in the rough? Or who do you think will definitely be cut come September?  Here we go, the search for the "Right 53" begins!



      R. Price   R. Price    
  J. McGraw D. Morgan  
  C. Smith J. Page B. Pollard  
  D. Williams Free Safety J. Belcher Strong Safety  
  C. Mays W. Dacus  
  B. Greenwood D. Johnson M. Beisel A. Studebaker  
J. Bates W. Gilberry Will Backer Z. Thomas D. Gales P. Walters L. Fryar
R. Colclough B. Johnston T. J. Jackson A. Boone Mike Backer D. Lokey D. Robertson D. Washington
M. Leggett T. McBride A. Boone R. Edwards A. Magee T. Hali T. Daniels
B. Carr A. Magee G. Dorsey T. Tyler T. Jackson M. Vrabel B. Flowers
Cornerback Def. End Under Tackle Nose Tackle   Def. End Sam Backer Cornerback

Wide Receiver Tackle  Guard Center   Guard Tackle Tight End Wide Receiver
M. Bradley B. Albert B. Waters R. Niswanger M. Goff D. McIntosh B. Cottam D. Bowe
B. Engram H. Taylor E. Harrison E. Ghiaciuc B. De La Puente B. Richardson T. Curtis D. Darling
T. Copper C. Goldberg T. Washington W. Smith D. Harris C. Brown S. Ryan J. Webb
C.J. Jones J. Collins R. Wright
Q. Lawrence J. O'Connell T. Johnson
  Quarterback T. Crabtree
  Fullback M. Cassel Tailback  
  M. Cox T. Thigpen L. Johnson Chiefs '09  
  J. O'Connell B. Croyle J. Charles  
  J. Williams I. Martin K. Smith  
Long Snapper Kicker J. Williams KR/PR Punter
T. Gafford C. Barth J. Battle Q. Lawrence  D. Colquitt
T. Purdum R. Succop     D. Savage   D. Savage  

                                                               Go Chiefs!

Updated Depth Chart 5/9/09

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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